Our Favourite Museums From Around The Globe

Our Favourite Museums From Around The Globe

14 May 2021

We’ve written before about the importance of art as a vehicle for storytelling and inspiring change. Simply, art has the power to change how we think, inspiring creativity, and helps to relax the mind.

It’s been a funny year-and-a-bit but, with vaccination programmes underway, one thing we’re all super excited about here at A Good Company is the chance to visit some of our favourite museums and galleries again.

After all this time it will be like visiting old friends. If you’re here reading this, we’re sure you are too!

In celebration of a return to shared spaces, and our new sustainable poster range, we’ve put together a list of our favourite museums that get our creative juices flowing and provided inspiration for our new posters!

The North Wing - the two-story gallery with sculptures by Alberto Giacometti. Photo: Jeremy Jachym Credit: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark

Located in the peaceful town of Humlebaek, just north of Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art houses works by some of our favourite artists including David Hockney and Asger Jorn in its permanent collection.

Their guest exhibitions mix it up and are always thought-provoking (look out for Mika Rottenberg in October), and then there’s the building itself. Designed in the 1950s in the Modernist style, it sits harmoniously within the surrounding landscape—a lush park full of ancient trees and sculptures. Zen.

The Graphics Wing - The Curved Gallery Photo: Kim Hansen Credit: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

From our Head of Communication and Sustainability, Emilia: “Louisiana in Humlebaek (where I live!) is the most architecturally alluring museum I’ve ever encountered, great permanent exhibition, beautiful outdoor park with an exhibition located right by the sea. 10/10 museum.” This is high-praise coming from her, believe us!

Wanås Art Park, Skåne, Sweden

Wanås Art Park must be one the most wholesome art spaces in the world and is a personal favourite of our founder and CEO, Anders. In fact you could say it’s in our DNA. They produce and communicate art that challenges and changes the view of society and is accessible to all, with an emphasis on nature.

As the name suggests, art isn’t just placed inside, instead dotted across 40 hectares of tumbling forest and parkland, waiting to be discovered by adults and children alike. At its centre, a castle and surrounding barns that house exhibitions and a center for art and learning.

There they work twitch top international artists produce and communicate art that challenges and changes the view of society, with an emphasis on nature and inclusivity.

From Anders: “Wanås Art Park is one of my favourite places in the world and a big inspiration for me. I’ve spent a lot of time there with my kids exploring and getting creative and can’t wait to return again this summer.”

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

Our German readers, or those with a knowledge of German, will recognise that Bahnhof means train station and yes, that’s what the building used to be. But, it’s not railway memorabilia on display, rather an extensive collection of contemporary art from the 1960’s onwards.

The museum has so much to show that the artwork displayed is in constant rotation, and takes its time to show how each movement and art form developed. Fans of Warhol, Lichtenstein and photographer Thomas Ruff will be pleased!

From our German translator, Maya: “Whenever I'm sick of staying home on a rainy day, I'm magnetically attracted to wandering around Hamburger Bahnhof. A visit never fails to lift my spirits and gets my tired brain working again.”

The Royal Academy, London, UK

The Royal Academy is art royalty but keeps its ear to the ground and is very much ‘down with the kids’. Founded by a group of artists and architects in the 18th Century, they champion art in all its forms and provide free art education for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Their HQ is a grand old building just off Piccadilly. Exhibitions are a rotating cast of the who’s-who’s of the art world, but it’s their annual Summer Exhibition that is arguably the jewel in the crown. The world’s largest open-admission exhibition, it’s been running every year for 250 years straight.

From Content Writer, Finn: “In a city full of world-class museums, this just about pips the rest as my favourite (sorry, Tate Britain). The Summer Exhibition has to be experienced by everyone at least once.

Kasmin Gallery, New York, USA

Located in the district of Chelsea, The Kasmin Gallery consists of two buildings and a rooftop sculpture garden. The main gallery is a simple 3,000 square feet space with high, 23 feet-high walls and a polished concrete floor.

The magic comes from the eclectic taste of its creator, the British art dealer Paul Kasmin, now sadly deceased. His far-ranging taste, and willingness to experiment with neglected artists, has created a hidden gem for art lovers who want to see something out of the ordinary.

From our Head of Design, Kristin: “I visited here a lot when I was living in New York and whenever someone came to visit I’d normally take them here too. The new sculpture garden is level with the High Line which is also really cool.”

Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 2010, Fotografiska's museums showcase some of the world's most famous photographers alongside up and coming artists.

Like us, their mission is to inspire a more conscious world. Exhibits are developed alongside the artists to not only entertain, but also harness the unique power of photography to educate and ignite conversations about a wide range of human rights and environmental issues.

Sustainability is one of their core values, and we're delighted to have collabed with them on some special products.

From our Head of Brand and co-owner Mikaela: "I always safely return to Fotografiska for true inspiration. For so many reasons. It could be to open up my mind, to be touched, shaken, cry, laugh or to just, for a moment, lay my eyes on something genuinely pure and otherworldly beautiful that only the art of photography can bring me."

Other special mentions

Aros, Aarhus, DK - chock full of masterpieces from ‘The Danish Golden Age’ with dynamic and impactful guest exhibitions from all over the world.

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, DE - home to the world’s largest collection of pop art and arguably the best collection of Picassos. Check out the tour.

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL - looks like a giant bathtub and is brimming full of classics from impressionists, some huge Matisses, and art from just about every 20th and 21st century movement.

Art Basel - an annual art fair spread between Basel, Miami and Hong Kong. Works with local galleries to help grow and develop art programs.

Disgusting Food Museum, Berlin, DE - what one person views as a tasty treat someone else may, well, not! Either your mouth will water or your stomach will turn, funny!


If you have any questions or fun ideas regarding this (or anything really) feel to get in touch with Emilia Cullborg, editor and Head of Communication & Sustainability.

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