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100% circulaire t-shirts & lange mouwen voor elk seizoen, met trots gemaakt in Turkije van het beste Turkse katoen.Onze duurzame fashion essentials zijn gemaakt van een mix van 80% biologisch katoen en 20% gerecycled katoen.
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We use a combination of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton to create our products. This is because conventional cotton production is extremely harmful to the environment, with 99% of all cotton being grown this way.

For example, it takes about 10,000 litres of water to produce just one kilogram of cotton, and the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals is common. Genetically modified cotton can also pose a significant health risk to farmers. 

Our circular fashion line is designed with sustainability in mind, fighting against fast fashion. When you no longer need your clothing, simply send it back to us, and we'll transform it into a new piece of clothing trough agood loop. This increases the percentage of recycled materials used in our clothes over time, creating a loop that can be repeated indefinitely.

Social impact:

When purchasing our t-shirts you are also helping the society and you are buying with purpose through agood foundation. Our initiative involves contributing to the well-being of children through a simple yet impactful approach. With each item purchased, a food kit will be provided to a child in need, thanks to our collaboration with Save the Children. Our overarching ambition is to enhance the circumstances of the 2.3 billion children worldwide, striving to establish a future where every child is afforded optimal opportunities for a successful life.

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