Do you want to redefine commerce?

At agood company we’re a tight-knit crew that all subscribe to a firm set of beliefs and convictions.

We do everything we can to avoid becoming dependent on lone-wolf heroes, and are firm believers the power of the team. We know that a well-oiled group working together to solve problems is the only way to bring ambitious ideas to fruition and make a lasting impact.

We know that ideas are only the start, and that little will be achieved without the right focus and hard work. We laugh a lot, we brainstorm non-stop, we challenge ourselves to do better, we share the same values, and we make sure to practise what we preach.

What we are able to offer:

    • A 100% remote work environment: we work together, but we don’t share an office and let you work where you want to.
    • A laser-focused set of beliefs: we offer competitive compensation, but we know that dedication stems from a firm vision and a shared belief in how to get there.


The process

1. Apply

Check out our open positions, and apply by filling out our online form. Beyond your resume and portfolio, we’d love if you took some time to describe who you are, what makes you tick, and what made you interested in becoming part of agood company. 

2. First meeting (Google Meet)

In the first meeting with us, we’ll tell you more about who we are, our vision, our values and the things we’re working on. Together we’ll attempt to understand whether agood company is a place for you and if you would thrive in our culture.

3. Tests

Sometimes we find it useful that you take a test, specific to your skills and the role you’re applying for. This test will be used as a basis for a continued discussion on how you go about solving problems and completing tasks, and how you would like it here. Typically you will do two tests, all online. 

4. Meet the team

You’ll get to see who we are and how we work. And we’ll get to see how you collaborate and communicate. 

5. Change the world


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