Friendcation x Agood

Friendcation x Agood

22 Jun 2022

Friendcation and how they bring women together to create happy and sustainable friendships.

Friendcation is a women community founded by Joanna and Louise with the purpose to connect women in Stockholm! They organize everything from events, training dates, staycations, lectures, AWs, breakfasts and trips. Everything that creates opportunities for new people to meet in different contexts in and around new experiences.

Welcome Louise and Joanna, we are so pleased that you are joining us here at A Good community! We wanted to ask you a few questions to understand how Friendcation was created.

In Summer 2017, what was your main idea behind creating Friendcation?

We started Friendcation in May 2017 with an aim of bringing the digital meetings back to IRL instead. We wanted to build a meeting place for like-minded people and it quickly grew into something bigger and became significant, but above all it has become our full-time job today.

What is the most important mission of Friendcation?

To bring women together, to lower the thresholds and challenges, develop and be a network for life in general.

We are so jealous of all of those who could attend your lovely weekend away, would you be able to tell us a bit more about the event and how it came about?

Our collaboration with Happiecamps is part of our sustainable travel within Sweden. As we travel abroad, we want to build a strong presence for Swedish tourism. We love to travel within Sweden as there is so much you can do. Glamping becomes the perfect hybrid by not compromising on luxury but still staying in nature.

How much does sustainability (both in relationships and environment) play a role in Friendcation?

Our main purpose is to create a better climate among women and when that is done, the door is open to share tips and choices where you feel you can make better choices going forward.

What has been your biggest accomplishment throughout your journey?

To build a strong community with over 16,000 women cheering each other on. Life changes, friends for life and new opportunities ahead. Friendcation would not have been the network it is today, if it wasn’t for all the amazing women who are involved and doing it with us.

We love how you inspire so many women in Sweden, but what is the main thing that inspires you both?

To design our own lives and inspire forwards. That we are stronger together and we use the help we have in our network. We have built up our business through contacts in our network.

Is there anything that both of you do to try and maintain a sustainable lifestyle?

Small smart choices along the way. We are constantly learning and can always get better. Therefore, we think it is very fun to work with you. You show us a little bit along the way.

What does Friendcation mean to you?

Everything. It has gone from a passion and a hobby to a job we are passionate about.

And lastly… What tips would you like to give to young women today that are struggling with finding their way?

Join Friendcation. Do not be afraid to ask for help and dare to dream big. You have to dare to win and you will get a lot more in return..

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