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Welcome to the world of stone paper, made from stone waste, without trees or water. Countless trees are chopped down daily just to make regular paper, we want to do better.

Thank you for helping save our planet and thank you for contributing to solving the water crisis.

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If this is your first time using a stone paper notebook, we are sure you will love it, and you will want a second one, and you will be interested in trying other sustainable products, so we created a special offer for your next purchase. Use this code: "WelcomeBack10" on your next purchase and unlock the 10% discount on any products from our store.

Learn More About Stone Paper

Stone paper is a groundbreaking material born out of innovation in Taiwan during the late 1990s. Originally conceived for use as a food coating, this eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper, made from a blend of calcium carbonate or limestone and a small quantity of non-toxic resin, has quickly gained traction across various industries.

What makes stone paper truly remarkable is its environmental impact.

Unlike traditional paper production, which relies on tree pulp and consumes significant water and energy, stone paper utilises waste materials and requires minimal resources to manufacture. Our notebooks are made from locally sourced limestone in The Stone Paper Factory, they are recyclable and biodegradable, contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • Made from recycled stone: We NEVER mine for new stones and always use stone waste from other industries.
  • No trees, no water and no bleach: Made from crushed limestone and marble leftovers without the use of acids.
  • The world's smoothest writing experience: No tree fibres mean no resistance.
  • Tear resistant: You need to experience it yourself to understand.
  • Waterproof: Sounds magical, but it's not. It's stone.

Stone Paper Notebooks Product Range

Hardcover Stone Paper Notebooks

Our A5 hardcover stone paper notebooks are available in numerous different colours with an option for customisation and personalisation. The exact hardcover notebook paper size is 21x14,8 cm, with 144 pages. We also offer A5 journal, and if you are an eco-conscious writer and you already know you will need more than one notebook, you can purchase them in pre-packed stone paper notebook sets, that come with a free natural grass pen.

Softcover Stone Paper Notebooks

Our softcover stone paper notebooks come in two different sizes, A5 format (21x14,8 cm), with 64 pages, or A6 pocket-sized format (10,5x4,8 cm), with 64 pages. A5 softcover notebooks are available in black or white, while our pocket notebooks come in numerous different colours.

The Social Impact of Stone Paper Notebooks.

We're committed to impactful writing solutions and strive to create a positive change. Currently, 771 million people worldwide lack safe drinking water, affecting education, work, and health. Providing access to clean water is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. Partnering with charity: water, our products support initiatives transforming lives. The sustainable future is written in stone: explore other products supporting charity: water here.

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