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A pencil doesn’t have to be made from wood. That wood comes from somewhere and that somewhere is a tree. We think it’s better to let trees be trees so they can continue to sequester carbon - good for the planet - and serve as homes for squirrels and birds - good for animals and nature lovers.

That’s why we decided to make A Good Pencil a woodless pencil. We think you’ll like what we came up with. Our pencils are a doodler's dream come true. We sourced graphite that feels sumptuous and buttery smooth on our stone paper. We think you’ll find them good for detail work and applications requiring more coverage.

We looked for the least environmentally disruptive source of graphite for our pencils and make them without using any harmful chemicals. We made sure to inspect the factory and had the owners sign our Code of Conduct so we could say with certainty that our pencils are safe for you and the environment. We want you to use our pencils for years and by making sure they’re the best we could make them, we know you’ll want to.