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You can’t go wrong with A Good Water Bottle.

There are many good reusable water bottles out there.  Ours are made from 3Ø4 Stainless Steel and we know exactly who makes them. We chose this material because of its durability and non-allergenic properties. We chose the factory because the products they make are safe.

Our bottles come in a variety of colors, will last you a lifetime, and probably their best feature is that by us
ing it you’ll be NOT using over 100 disposable plastic bottles over a year. (That’s what the average person uses - one plastic bottle every few days). You probably won’t need to buy another bottle from us ever again - unless you lose it or intentionally run it over with a truck. If you get bored with it or for some reason stopped needing to drink water, it is easily recycled.

And yes, it will hold hot liquids, juices, as well as more adult beverages.