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When you buy A good Mobile Phone Case you aren’t just purchasing a stylish cover but one from cradle to grave is guaranteed to be the best case you can get for your phone and the planet.

We literally grow our cases. A farmer named Arvid in Eskilstuna, Sweden grows linseed (or flax as it’s also known) and we use the tailings - the leftover bits - that he typically has no use for to as our raw material. That plant base is transformed into a material similar to plastic pellets (using a carbon-neutral process) and that material is then formed into cases. We then apply striking designs to the cases using only organic paints.  

We created one of the loveliest mobile phone cases, made entirely from a biologic and biodegradable material.

But it gets better. When you upgrade your phone for a new model we don’t want your old case to end up in the trash (although it is biodegradable). Instead, send it back and we'll give you a €10 credit and we'll turn it back into pellets, feed them into the molding machine and make a brand new phone case.