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Our A6 pocket diaries are small enough to fit in your jacket pocket and ideal for writing down casual notes, interesting observations and sudden ideas. They are also perfectly sized for sketchbooks that you can carry around and pull out whenever you want or need to make a quick sketch.

The paper is naturally white and has no grain direction, resulting in a silky-smooth writing experience and which makes drawing in them a pleasure. Stone paper is also durable and water-resistant so no matter if you use a pen or pencil, if you accidentally spill some coffee or run it through the wash, all your work will be protected and right where you left it. Pulp paper pocket diaries can’t make that claim. Our Stone Paper Diaries are made in a water-free manufacturing process entirely from reused materials, 80% calcium carbonate and 20% recycled HDPE. The result is a beautiful, functional and sophisticated place for you to explore and set your imagination free.

If you find yourself filling up the pages don’t worry, we sell them in 3-packs and with every sale, we plant a tree!