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When you hold a rock in your hand you probably don't think, "this might be useful for making paper." For a long time, no one thought that. Then in the late 90s, a process was developed to do just that - turn stone into paper.  

But not just any stone. Our paper is made of marble. We use the tailings and cast-offs from marble quarries and construction sites. It’s ground into a fine powder which becomes the primary ingredient of stone paper. It’s pretty harmless stuff. You probably have some in your house already as a marble cutting board or even as baking soda.

The production of stone paper also uses no water, acid, bleach or optical brighteners. And since trees aren’t used they can continue to sequester carbon - good for the planet - and serve as homes for squirrels and birds - good for animals and nature lovers. It does take energy to transport our stone paper products but guess what? We climate compensate all our shipping and we actually plant more trees.

Paper made from rock, rocks!