A Feel-Good Circular Fashion Line

A Feel-Good Circular Fashion Line

30 Jan 2023


The world's first trackable circular fashion for conscious consumers that want to be part of the solution. Keep your basics circular and track their journey through the upcycling process once they've served their purpose in your closet. Perfect fit, quality and purpose; A transformation to a circular way of life.

Our new Kickstarter Campaign has launched and is now 100% funded! We're still giving away generous early bird discounts, so go and check agood company  Kickstarter campaign.

With the individual QR code found on every item, you can easily track where in the loop system your item is, and how many pieces of clothing it has been before.

We have made a truly circular fashion line filled with wardrobe essentials for men and women. This line is part of a trackable closed-loop system that makes all of us at agood company both happy and proud when we think about it, hopefully you will be too – when you walk around in our truly circular basics collection!

We have been working on this truly circular fashion line for more than a year, scrutinising suppliers (we looked at over 800 different potential partners) and making sure that the production was in line with what we stand for as a sustainable and social impact startup. With our circular fashion line, just send the clothes back to us once they've served their purpose in your wardrobe – or drop them off at one of our circular city hubs – and we'll make a new piece of clothing out of them. As an incentive to take part in the loop system, you'll get a discount on your next circular purchase.
A little further down the line, you'll be walking around in a fabulous-looking garment that used to be a LOT of other garments. And on it goes. Although after about 7 (!) loops, the cotton fibre becomes a little too thin to make clothes from and then the worn-out items find new purpose as cotton stuffing for furniture.


We make sure to make your contribution to the loop as easy as humanly possible. When the clothes have served their purpose in your wardrobe and you send them back to us or drop them off at one of our circularity hubs, we will recycle the cotton and turn it into new clothing.

In this instance, we're using the T-shirt made from recycled and organic cotton as an example. The same procedure goes for all the items, you can drop any of your worn-out garments from our circular clothing line with one of our sustainable partner hubs located in major cities across the globe. Just reach out when you are ready to give back to the loop!

How we use local loop systems to save on shipping

All of our items are in the very best quality and are part of our amazing loop system.

A timeless classic. This t-shirt is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a straight fit, hip length, mid-length sleeves and a ribbed neck.

A Good rib tank top is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a slim fit, hip length and the perfect ribbed neck.
A Good rib long sleeve tee is our go-to comfy favourite. This t-shirt is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a slim fit, regular length and a ribbed neck.

Difficult to pick just one? We know, that's why you can buy them in multi- and mega packs.

A Good Crew Neck tee is a timeless classic made to last. This t-shirt is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a straight fit, hip length, mid-length sleeves and a ribbed neck.

A Good Interlock Long Sleeve tee is our go-to comfy favourite. This t-shirt is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a slim fit, regular length and a ribbed neck.


A Good V-neck tee is a stylish classic. This t-shirt is made from both recycled and pure organic cotton. It has a straight fit, hip length, mid-length sleeves and a ribbed neck.

Our truly circular clothing line makes you feel good not only because of the high quality of the fabric but also because you're being kind to the environment.

A Good Hipsters bottoms are comfy and supportive. With an everyday cut and backside coverage.
A Good Bikini Bottom is our old-time favourite essential. With a classic cut and a smooth feel.
A Good Thong has a sleek design and is super smooth and comfy.
Each item in our truly circular clothing line saves more than 4000 litres of water compared to the same item coming out of the fast fashion industry.
A Good Boxer Brief is our classic style. Comfortable and nicely fitting.

A Good Boxer Trunk is our modern twist to a timeless classic. Fit and comfort guaranteed.
A Good Y-briefs offer comfort and support.
Walk with an extra bounce in your step knowing that you are part of the solution.

Our sleek design makes A Good High Socks perfect for the office or everyday use. Works with any shoes.


A Good Ankle Socks are smooth and have a comfortable stretch. These guys will be your work-out + go-out buddies.


The fit of our T-shirts is straight with a range of male and female sizes tailored to compliment all body types. Sleeves are mid-length and a ribbed crew neck collar offers comfort and stretchiness for ease of movement.

The long sleeve for both men and women is slim and is designed to work well as an active garment – it's one of our team's absolute favourites.

The rib tank top for women flatters every form and has a slim fit, hip length and the perfect ribbed neck.

Our underwear and socks have been designed to be generous in their fit, hopefully, you will love them as much as we do.

Also, pro tip: Why not switch the women's clothes for a men's size for a baggy fit?

Linear and fast fashion is not a sustainable way forward and we'd like to see it become a thing of the past. With circular fashion, many of the industry's major issues are eliminated. Adding to that, we make sure that all our production is sustainable and that the people behind the clothes are being treated well and paid a fair wage.

All our garments are made using materials that are gentle on the skin and the planet.

Certified organic cotton from Australia: Certificates from GRS (Global Recycle Standard), OCS (Organic content standard) and Certified by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

Certified recycled cotton: With our recycled cotton t-shirts you are wearing fabric waste, but trust us, it's good waste. This is certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

Lyocell: Made from wood chippings obtained from well-managed forests, the TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres we use have received the European Award for the Environment from the European Commission in the category “The Technology Award for Sustainable Development”.

Bamboo: Its main advantage lies in the fact that it's antibacterial, highly sweat-absorbent and hypoallergenic. It doesn't need fertiliser and actually self-regenerates from its own roots. In addition to this, bamboo also has insulating qualities, meaning it can keep your warm during winter and cool during summer.


In keeping with the ethos behind the collection, we needed to make sure the designs will wear as long as the clothes themselves.

This meant constructing each garment using timeless design principles that will never go out of fashion with a smart, clean-cut aesthetic that is both versatile and universally flattering.

Kristin, our Fashion Designer in New York

"The collection is designed to provide the perfect basics -- timeless comfortable pieces to wear every day in high-quality materials to last for many years. Rooted in the brand DNA, nature has provided inspiration for colours and materials.

In order to achieve A Good Company’s goal of true sustainability, we spent a lot of time sourcing circular materials that can be recycled into new products after use. I’m particularly excited about the recycled cotton T-shirt program, made from clothing- and textile waste, custom developed to be durable and super comfortable to wear."

KRISTIN, Fashion Designer


As everyday essentials, it is important that these clothes can be lived in through life’s journey, so we chose materials that are gentle on both the skin and the environment. Our blends of organic and recycled cotton, lyocell and bamboo are soft, breathable and durable the designs offer great comfort and moveability for impromptu hugs and games of frisbee.

Jens Helmersson, an industry expert, shares his thoughts on linear fashion and how more companies need to switch gears to circular fashion – like us. A while back, our CEO Anders spoke to the CEO of H&M Group, in a candid interview about the future of linear and circular fashion. Take a look here!

– Leslie Johnston, Executive Director of the C&A Foundation

– Dame Ellen MacArthur in conversation with Clare Press, Vogue Sustainability Editor and host of the podcast ‘Wardrobe Crisis’.

– Edwin Keh, CEO, Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)

This is a truly guilt-free, slow fashion line. We're not joking when we say that we've been working on this project for over a year. Why so long? To make sure that each and every step of the way lives up to its name: A Truly Circular Fashion Line.

View from our organic cotton fields in Turkey.
Our feel-good clothing line is made from recycled and organic cotton.

Using only recycled and organically certified materials with 0% plastics in the process, we produce these finely-tuned quality garments in factories using solar-power and with a thorough waste-water system in place. The team working there is paid a living wage and have good working conditions.

About our partner factory in Turkey:

  • Established in 1901
  • Workers are guaranteed a living wage
  • The first factory in Turkey to be organically certified
  • A family company, owning cotton hectares nearby to the factory
  • Eco friendly dyeing processes following GOTS standards
  • Solar power providing 40% of the energy supply
  • Wastewater treatment in place
  • Have their own mill
  • All resources are in house - this is very rare in the apparel making

About our partner factory in China:

  • Established in 1984
  • Workers are guaranteed a living wage
  • Fabric knitting, finishing and cut & sew are all in house. We have direct contact with the yarn supplier.
  • Women-owned
  • Solar power
  • Wastewater programmes
  • Yarn supplier has its own recycling system


Image from our factory in Izmir


Anders our CEO shares some images from our factory in China


When the clothes have served their purpose (keeping you in awesome-looking apparel for a long while), you can easily send them back to us within the frames of our closed-loop system and we will use them to make new, great looking and earth-friendly clothes.

Adding to this, we are a carbon-negative company and certified by B-Corp. Our latest carbon report can be found here!

We ship all our products in our Stone Paper packaging, using 0% plastic. The paper is made from recycled industrial waste stone and is water and tear-resistant, making it ideal for shipping our circular clothing line in.

We're proud to say that we climate-compensate all shipments and use our own Stone Paper (tree-free) packaging to ship all our products. We protect each item with a cornstarch bag, instead of fossil fuel PP-plastic, like almost all other garments.

Packaging made from recycled stone – 0% plastic!

If the size is not perfect and you would like to exchange an item you have ordered, you can use the stone paper packaging to send it back to us, no new wrapping needed.

We strive to make everyday sustainable products at a fair cost for both the customer and the environment. Because we have no middlemen or high street retail locations we are able to offer more sustainable prices than many other brands.

In the spirit of transparency, here is a cost breakdown of an item.

We are a Swedish sustainable & social impact startup that began this exciting hike in March last year. Since then, we have been working tirelessly towards our main goal: Inspiring people to end their mindless consumption and instead make conscious decisions. In just a short time, we have made so many friends all over the world. We're energised by the notion that we are thousands of people pulling together and each and every one of us are amping up our individual climate action – and helping to spread the word. We are a carbon-negative company and certified by B-Corp. Our latest carbon report can be found here!

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