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Faux has such a negative connotation and our faux leather journal is anything but a cheap imitation of a leather one.   

Let’s talk about the outside.

It’s made from fully recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). No virgin HDPE was used to make our notebooks (or the silky smooth paper inside) and while it has the same sort of durability and buttery softness, our faux leather doesn’t come from animals so it’s cruelty-free and 100% vegan certified.

Now, the inside. It’s clearly labeled A GOOD JOURNAL. That’s how you know it’s one of ours. We placed a handy contact info form on the same page so a good samaritan can return it to you in case your journal gets left behind or misplaced.

The paper inside may not be what you’re used to. That’s because it’s made from stone. We often write about stone paper but if you flip to the second page you’ll see some of the positive attributes of our paper.

Let us know what you think. You could via send an email or leave a review.