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The best feature of our eco-friendly water bottles is that by using one you’ll NOT be using over 100 disposable plastic bottles over a year. (That’s what the average person uses - one plastic bottle every few days). And plastic bottles are haphazardly recycled. Our steel bottle is easily recycled if it had to be - though we want you to hold on to it for years and years.

Our bottles come in a variety of colors and because we manufacture them from 304 Stainless Steel they will last you a lifetime. It’s also non-allergenic and completely BPA free. From the inside liner to the outside paint, we insist that our bottles meet today's strictest safety standards because our future depends on it. We want you to use this bottle for years (if not decades) and by making sure it’s safe and durable, we know you’ll want to.

And yes, it will hold hot liquids, juices, as well as more adult beverages - all without retaining or imparting any flavor to what you drink. It comes packed in a beautiful organic cotton bag that you can also re-use.