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The start of a new year of school is to be looked forward to and exciting. New teachers, new friends, new experiences. It can also be scary. New teachers, new friends, new experiences.

There’s enough going on for kids and parents and you shouldn’t have to worry whether the supplies you send your children off to school with might be harming them. More so than with adults, chemicals that children are exposed to can have a deleterious effect because they are still growing. Listen to this interview with a science journalist in which she discusses, among other things, how even small doses of certain chemicals have adverse effects on children.

Products for use by children should be free of any chemicals that could do them any harm. That’s what we think. That’s why we trace the provenance of every product we sell - from the basic ingredients to the people we choose as manufacturing partners. That how we can be sure that not only is something the best product we can possibly make but it is also safe for children and adults alike and the environment.