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Circular-design Bluetooth speakers are eco-innovation at its finest. Crafted from repurposed plastic bags and recycled lime e-bike batteries, with an impressive battery life of 30+ hours and a wireless range of 10+ metres.
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Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers: Music Meets Sustainability

In a world dominated by disposable electronics and the growing problem of e-waste, the design philosophy for the bluetooth speakers centres around creating speakers with circular lifespans, rejecting the throwaway culture. These are no ordinary speakers; they are zero-waste portable sound systems, crafted from repurposed materials on a mission to make a lasting, positive impact on our planet. They are crafted from plastic bags that were on their way to landfills, giving new life to discarded waste. Additionally, we utilise 100% repurposed lime e-bike batteries, saving over 50,000 batteries from incineration or ending up in landfills. With each bluetooth speaker equivalent to the plastic content of 44 bags, we offer a compelling solution to the UK's annual disposal of 300 million kilograms of plastic pollution.

Supports Circular Economy

The innovative design of our speakers doesn't stop at recycling; it's all about circularity. At the end of their lifecycle, our speakers can be easily repaired through our agood loop™ program. This program allows customers to return their speakers for recycling and rejuvenation, reducing waste and giving these products a new lease on life. When you choose our Bluetooth speakers, you're not just getting incredible sound quality; you're also making a sustainable choice that supports a greener, cleaner future.

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