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Carefully crafted in a small family-owned factory, our Stone Paper Notebooks are functional and sophisticated. Thread bound with vegan-certified leather cover, the A5 Stone Paper Journal opens effortlessly and lays completely flat.

It’s the perfect kitchen companion no matter what your role: chef, line cook, or saucier - you’ve probably got a notebook in which to write down recipes or prep tasks. Most notebooks break down. Ours can stand up to anything. Even wine and coffee can be wiped off with no stain left behind. There’s a reason for that; they were developed in collaboration with chefs. The durable waterproof and grease resistant stone paper makes this notebook one of the most versatile tools in your busy kitchen.

Also, unlike pulp paper, stone paper doesn’t smolder. Errant sparks may leave a couple of marks but they won’t spread. Just wash dirty pages with soap and water and any notes should be OK. Just make sure you've been working in ballpoint or pencil.

It also features a handy back pocket - perfect to keep labels, recipe notes, and more.