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If you want an excuse to give your dentist to explain why you haven’t been flossing, here you go: Dental floss is commonly made out of either waxed nylon or strips of Teflon. Nylon is derived from petroleum and the Teflon variety may be exposing you to toxic PFAS chemicals. You can’t drop used floss in the recycling bin and if it gets out of the trash it can cause all sorts of environmental problems - like animals getting snared in it.

Furthermore, flossing is a task that many of us would rather not do. We’re supposed to do it once a day and sheepishly say to dentists that we’ll give it a better shot (even though it’s a habit many will just never pick up).

What if there was an alternative to traditional dental floss that was better for the planet? That’s what we asked ourselves and that’s what we came up with. We made A Good Dental Floss biodegradable and safe to use. No nasty chemicals and minimal damage to the environment. The bad news is that you just lost an excuse not to floss. Sorry about that.