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Fall Phone Cases: Our Top 10 Phone Case Picks for the Season

25 Sep 2023

Fall is just around the corner with its rich earthy colour palette and many of us are cleaning out our closets and thinking about ways we can revamp our wardrobe. While reorganising and buying new clothes takes centre stage in our seasonal style updates, we shouldn’t forget the importance of accessories. Among them, there is one item that we carry every day – our phone cases, and they can make a great fashion statement. But apart from style, we also need to consider the environmental impact of our choices.

There are ways we can refresh our look without harming our planet. Upcycling, recycling, and opting for eco-friendly accessories can be the perfect complement to our autumn wardrobe makeover. In this article, we'll focus on our top 10 eco-friendly phone case picks for the season, that will not only make you stylish but also contribute to a greener, more responsible world.

The environmental impact of plastic phone cases

While they might not seem like a big deal, there are many reasons you should ditch plastic phone cases as they're causing some serious problems for our environment and contribute to the problem of plastic pollution. Unlike biodegradable products that break down naturally, plastic cases take about a hundred years to decompose, releasing harmful stuff into the environment as they go. Plus, they take up a ton of space in landfills.

Taking Pictures With iPhone in Fall

Most of the time, they can't even be recycled because they're made of a mix of different materials. As these cases degrade, they release tiny bits called microplastics, which are harmful to us and the planet. They also contain chemicals like phthalates and BPA that can harm our health. Even the process of making and shipping these cases is bad for the environment, using up non-renewable resources and producing pollution.

The good news is, you don't have to give up on style or comfort to make a positive change. Eco-friendly phone cases are here to save the day, offering comfy and stylish alternatives that won't harm the planet.

Eco-friendly phone cases: a sustainable choice

Our eco-friendly phone cases are a smart choice for the planet and for you. They come with a bundle of benefits that make them a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cases. First and foremost, they significantly reduce your carbon footprint. How? Well, by using renewable materials instead of fossil fuels, our eco-friendly cases help lower greenhouse gas emissions during production. They are plant-based, made in Sweden, from a blend of hemp, flax, cellulose, and PLA, combined with biodegradable PBAT.

While conventional phone cases stick around in landfills for centuries, our phone cases can be composted or naturally degrade, leaving no trace. That means guilt-free disposal, knowing you're not contributing to the plastic pollution problem. They are also a part of our circular economy program called agood loop™ where your old phone cases can be easily recycled and turned into new ones.

As we introduce you to our top 10 picks for the season, you can browse through our collection of eco-friendly mobile cases, and find the ones which are compatible with your phone model, including the newest iPhone 14 cases and iPhone 15 cases. You can also check iPhone 15 case compatibility.

Plant-based phone case, Bings Vase

With its cheerful, vibrant colours and African vibe pattern, this phone case will definitely make you stand out. We believe that one way to contribute to a more sustainable society is by supporting artists and their work. It's a way to preserve the authenticity and creativity that can sometimes get lost in large-scale manufacturing. This, and the fact that we just love her art, is why we have partnered with Bings, a Berlin-based artist, to create this slim but durable phone case.

Bings Vase Phone Case by agood company
Bing Vase Design Eco-friendly Phone Case agood company

Plant-based phone case, Batabasta, One Love

We collaborated with Leticia and Clara, Spanish designers and the founders of Batabasta, to design this phone case that conveys a beautiful message "One Love, One World". This phrase promotes the idea of unity, harmony, and peace among all people and nations around the world. It emphasises the belief that despite our differences in culture, nationality, or background, we are all part of a single global community and should strive to coexist in peace and solidarity.

Batabasta One Love Design Biodegradable Phone Case
agood company and Batabasta Eco-friendly Phone Case One Love

Plant-based cell phone case, Alex Hahn, Oil on Canvas

With its earth-tone palette of warm green, grey and beige, this phone case is perfect for the fall. It was designed in collaboration with another talented artist- Alex Hahn from Stockholm. For this collection, she found her inspiration in the vibrant cities of Sweden, with each colour representing a different thing in a city. However, she thinks that ’the most important thing is that you decide what you see or which sensation you experience’ when looking at her art on your phone case.

Oil on Canvas Biodegradable Phone Case
Oil on Canvas Eco-friendly Phone Case

Plant-based cell phone case, Golden Night

Here’s another stylish addition to our fall picks. It is like this phone case captures the essence of autumn's elegance. The rich black background with beautiful gold details resembles the autumn leaves in the moonlight. The combination of black and gold gives it a classy look and makes it a perfect match for your fall outfits.

Golden Night Eco-Friendly Phone Case
Biodegradable Golden Night Phone Case

Plant-based cell phone case, Teal Blush

The lively colours of the season on this phone case, with shades of green, yellow and white, make an eye-catching design that captures the essence of fall. It reminds us of season change and the feeling of crisp autumn days and falling leaves. This phone case adds a pop of colour to your style but also provides great protection for your phone.

Teal Blush Biodegradable Phone Case
Biodegradable Phone Case Teal Blush by agood company

Plant-based cell phone case, Curves

This mobile phone case features a lovely blend of earthy colours, with beautifully curved shapes that overlap. The warm, natural tones of this case evoke the cosy feeling of autumn and reflect the season’s beauty. Its artful design adds a touch of elegance to your device and ensures reliable protection.

Biodegradable Phone Case in Curves Design
Eco-Friendly Phone Case in Curves Design

Plant-based phone case, Earth Brown

If you are a fan of simple design and one-colour phone cases, this one might be right for you. And it matches the season too, as its warm and comforting shade of earthy brown resembles the rich soil of autumn.  To make the most of it, you can opt for our earth brown phone case and screen protection bundle, which includes the phone case, and our tempered glass screen protector, made from our latest REPRTCT  material containing 46% recycled glass. Apart from contributing to saving the planet, you will be saving some money too, as this bundle includes a free multi-charging cable made from recycled materials.

Earth Brown Eco-Friendly Phone Case
Earth Brown Biodegradable Phone Case by agood company

Plant-based phone case, No Plastic, Earth Brown

This phone case is the same colour as the previous one, but it comes with the statement ’No Plastic’. It is a great way to show that you care about the environment, start meaningful conversations with others and raise their awareness about reducing plastic waste.

Biodegradable Phone Case Earth Brown by agood company
Eco-Friendly Phone Case Earth Brown No Plastic

Plant-based phone case, Grass Green

Another one-coloured phone case for those of you who prefer a simpler style. Green colour can be a symbol of many things. It symbolises harmony and balance, and a sense of calm. It also symbolises the lushness of plants and trees as well as environmental awareness and a commitment to protecting the planet. So, although it looks simple, it conveys a strong message.

Plant-based Grass Green Eco-Friendly Phone Case
Grass Green Biodegradable Phone Case

Circular Clear Phone Case

If you just love the colour of your phone and want to show it off, we have got you covered. This crystal-clear phone case is 100% upcycled from recycled candy boxes and glass. It provides a 2m drop protection and is compatible with all iPhone 15 models. Like all our other phone cases, it comes in a stone paper box, which is much more environmentally friendly than traditional paper.

Clear Phone Case by agood company
Clear Phone Case With MagSafe Ring

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article about our top 10 fall phone case designs has shown you that style and sustainability can go hand in hand and that we don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. Our eco-friendly phone cases not only make a fashion statement but also carry a powerful message about protecting our planet. From reducing plastic waste to supporting local artists, these cases embody our values of eco-consciousness and artistic creativity.

Now, it's your turn to make a difference. We invite you to take a conscious step towards a greener future by choosing eco-friendly phone cases. It might seem like a tiny step, but it definitely matters.

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