Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

07 Jan 2020

Your phone represents a substantial investment, both for you and the planet. To protect your phone from the thrills and spills of everyday life, and keep it in use for as long as possible, most people purchase a protective case.

When choosing a new protective mobile case there are a few things to look out for. Compatibility, protective features, usability, and also its environmental impact.

Things to look out for in an environmentally friendly mobile case are:

  • The use of sustainable materials e.g. plants such as flax, bamboo or sustainably sourced wood
  • The use of recycled plastic or other materials
  • Compostable or recyclable after use
  • Clean production processes
  • Climate compensated shipping
  • Climate positivity

With this in mind, here's out list of the top eco-friendly phone cases that protect your phone and the environment.


  1. agood mobile case
    This mobile phone case is made from linseed plants waste, grown by a local farmer in Sweden and made in the same country. 100% biodegradable and truly eco-friendly. Each case helps saving the earth and it can be swapped at anytime for a new one with a circularity system.

  2. Popsicase
    This small Barcelona-based company makes its cases from recycled fishing net fibers recovered from the Mediterranean.

  3. Pela Case
    Pela makes their phone cases from flax straw combined with a bioplastic elastomer, also known as flaxstic. Makes them in China.

  4. Carved
    Unique phone cases made from wood and resin.

  5. Eco Fashion by Wilma
    Wilma makes 100% compostable and biodegradable phone cases. They also give $1.00 per case sold to an organization that fights plastic pollution in our oceans. Made in China.

  6. Eco-Owl
    This Dublin, Ireland based company makes laser-cut wood cases and also natural aromatic cases.

    They use recycled fabrics, bamboo, cork, wood, post-consumer recycled plastics, and vegan leather in their designs. They plant a tree for every item sold in their shop.

  8. Skate4create
    iPhone case made from recycled skateboards. A good way to show your love for skateboarding, sustainability and creative reuse.

  9. Engravers Dungeon
    Engraver’s Dungeon based out of Spain. Makes wooden cases for all major smartphones engraved with elaborate designs.

  10. YFWOOD
    YFWOOD’s wooden cases sport laser-engraved designs. They sell almost exclusively on Amazon.

  11. WUDN
    Their collection of eco-friendly, real wood products are locally sourced and made in their Hidden Springs, Idaho wood-shop. They also sell wooden sunglasses.

  12. MOUS
    Mous offers bamboo and wood cases for all phone models. The designs are minimal and understated and they also sell magnetic accessories comparable with their cases.

  13. OCEAN75
    They strictly use plastic from recycled fishing nets minimising the amount of plastic in the ocean by repurposing its use into a new product.

  14. WDPKR
    These cases are made from wood with laser-engraved designs.

  15. Cutly
    Another designer that laser engraves artwork onto wooden phone cases.

  16. Kerfcase
    Yes, another wood case but this one made from sustainable wood and using a patented technique to keep the case on your phone.

  17. Studio eQ
    This firm laser cuts iPhone cases in a variety of woods, including mahogany, maple, teak, walnut, and zebrawood.

  18. OTTO Case
    More wood cases but they donate 10% of the proceeds from their cases to charity. In addition to bamboo, they engrave on rose wood, cherry, and walnut.

  19. Paralife
    They make eco-friendly phone sleeves from natural materials like woven grass using a vegan cotton lining.

  20. I Make The Case
    Creates a wide assortment of eco-friendly phone cases in laser-engraved bamboo, and they do custom designs as well.

  21. NIMBLE
    A socially conscious phone case are made with recycled plastic bottles. No virgin plastic is used. They also donate 5% of your purchase to nonprofits that work to protect coral reefs and other ocean life, as well as those that are fighting climate change.

  22. Velo Culture
    This company up-cycles old inner tubes into phone cases.

  23. Art Cases By Colleen Wilcox
    Hand painted and made from recycled aluminum. Made in Hawai’i.

  24. Matsuba Works
    Based in Hiroshima, Japan also makes phone cases - and other items - out of wood and have been in this business for over 70 years.

  25. Grovemade
    This Portland, Oregon company has been making iPhone cases out of wood and leather since 2009.

  26. Roxxlyn
    The cases and covers created by this Berlin-based design studio are unique on this list. They are made from rock and metal. While we can’t say that these materials are gathered in the most eco-friendly way, they are at least natural materials.

  27. Futureproof
    This Canadian company’s cases provide all-around protection for your smartphone in a lightweight and thin design that is 100% compostable and will return to the soil within 3 to 6 months in your backyard or city’s compost.

  28. Moment
    This company is known for its professional grade photography accessories for the iPhone. They took their design principles of “simplicity and precision” and came up with a proprietary flax-based bio-plastic material.

  29. 15:21
    They make eco-friendly phone cases out of cork for the latest Apple and Samsung devices.

  30. Tolerate
    The Tolerate ECO Case is made of only compostable material and the shells decompose and break down within 6-12 months.

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