Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

19 Apr 2023

There is no such thing as a perfect gift, but the art of gifting is perfect itself, especially if you are buying a gift for someone you love. The smile on their face while receiving the gift is priceless, which is why gifting is a widespread act of love all around the globe. However, simply buying the first thing that pops into your mind won't give you that much excitement. The trick is spending energy and time choosing the gift and thinking about the wrapping. We understand that finding the perfect wrapping idea can be challenging, especially when you want to be mindful of the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

In today's world, where the impact of waste on our planet is a growing concern, choosing eco-friendly wrapping can be a meaningful way to show your care for the environment and align with the values of your environmentally-conscious friends. So, without further ado, let's delve into 10 environmentally-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

Recycled wrapping materials

Our first suggestion, when it comes to choosing a good eco-friendly gift wrapping material, is old, plain, recycled wrapping material. Besides being very simple, recycled wrapping material is widely available since many companies worldwide produce it. What does this mean? In plain words, you won't have trouble obtaining it as long as you're buying from a certified company.

If you are wondering what recycled wrapping material is, we'll give you a straightforward answer. Recycled wrapping material (mostly paper) is specifically made from post-consumer waste and is usually available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. By choosing to use recycled wrapping material, you're directly helping the planet in terms of reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Recycled Paper

Even though you might be tempted to buy glossy-like wrapping material, think again since numerous recycled wrapping materials often have beautiful, unconventional, and modern designs.

It's always best to start searching for both gifts and wrapping materials a couple of weeks prior so you can be absolutely sure that the overall packaging matches your expectations.

Reusable gift bags

Another great idea regarding eco-friendly gift wrapping options is using reusable gift bags. Now, we understand that reusable gift bags can be made out of a variety of materials. However, you can always choose the ones made out of recycled materials. Reusable gift bags might not suit every gift, but these are exceptionally good when discussing large or oddly-shaped items. The best part about choosing reusable gift bags is that these can be used for an immense amount of time, implying that besides being eco-friendly, these bags are also cost-effective.

Reusable Gift Bags - Eco Friendly Wrapping

Natural minerals

Using natural minerals for gift wrapping is among our favorites simply because it's beautiful, unconventional, and creative. If you haven't heard, nature minerals wrapping doesn't refer to actual minerals in their primal form. In fact, using natural minerals for gift wrapping includes materials such as leaves, twine, dried fruit, and even flowers, which is very beneficial for our environment. Now, since you're using nature-derived products, your planet will be very thankful when talking about sustainability. Besides, it's almost guaranteed that your loved ones will be very excited upon receiving gift wrapped in natural minerals.


Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese tradition also known as fabric wrapping. Furoshiki is very environment friendly as this technique involves wrapping the preferred gifts in reusable cloth that can be tied in different ways, thus creating beautiful wrapping. The best part about choosing this eco-friendly gift-wrapping idea is that the gift itself will definitely represent a unique creation and presentation of your time and effort put into making it.

Eco-Friendly Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Concept

Each furoshiki-wrapped gift becomes a unique work of art, showcasing your time and attention to detail in making the gift truly special for the recipient. With a wide variety of fabrics available in different colors, patterns, and textures, you can customize your gift wrap to suit the occasion, the recipient's taste, or your own personal style. You can experiment with different folding patterns, knot styles, and embellishments to create a truly one-of-a-kind presentation that reflects your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Seed paper

Talking about creativity, think about purchasing seed paper. What exactly is seed paper, and why might it be the right fit for you? Seed paper is an eco-friendly type of paper with seeds embedded within it. This type of paper can be used for both wrapping gifts and creating gift tags. Why is seed paper special, and we really do mean special? When the gift is unwrapped, this paper can be actually planted in soil to grow herbs and flowers. Besides being a very creative and sustainable way to wrap gifts, it also promotes environmental awareness and gives back to nature.

So, if you are looking for something just a little bit over the top, unique, and truly beneficial, seed paper is something you'd want to take a look at.

Fabric ribbon

Instead of using conventional (traditional) ribbons, think about fabric ribbons. This type of ribbon can be easily made from old clothes or scrap fabric that is no longer needed or isn't used. The best part about choosing fabric ribbon, especially if you already have it, is that it's reusable and eco-friendly while also being cost-effective.

Fabric Ribbon for Gift Wrapping

Besides, if you know exactly what you're going for and already have an idea of what the wrapping is supposed to look like, working with elements you already own is advised. You'll be able to mix and match different fabric ribbons and spend enough time trying out different designs.

Washi tape

Washi tape is an excellent gift-wrapping idea, especially when you need to seal the fabric and make something out of the ordinary. Washi tape is a type of Japanese tape that is made out of solely natural fibers and can be used for a wide range of purposes. It can also be obtained in a great number of designs and sizes, making it a perfect fit for gift wrapping.

You can easily peel off every scrap of tape, making it a reusable good. In fact, you can also write on it, and the tape works on absolutely every surface. Again, it's a great, eco-friendly, and unconventional way to wrap up different types of gifts, even large and oddly-shaped items.

Eco Friendly Washi Tapes

However, washi tape might not be available everywhere, so you should invest some time into exploring where you can find it for those of you who actually want to see the product before buying it. Of course, if you opt to buy the product online, you can easily find it. Keep in mind that you should buy washi tape from a trusted producer to ensure you get precisely what you pay for.

Old maps, sheet music, and old newspaper

If you have sheet music or old maps hanging around your place, use these for gift wrapping, especially if you plan on using eco-friendly items. Besides, it might be an excellent idea for people looking for something out of the ordinary and specifically tailored to their needs. For example, if your friend is a world traveler, what could be a better gift wrapping than old maps?

The same goes if your friend or loved one is a musician when talking about sheet music. Also, an old newspaper is another excellent, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reusable material.

Gift Wrapped in Newspaper

...or, skip the wrapping!

This might sound too pushy since we're talking about different types of eco-friendly wrapping ideas. However, sometimes, is the wrapping really needed? Is there another way to pack up the gift without the use of additional wrapping materials? Well, there is. You can pack up your gift in a reusable container that, after "unwrapping," can surely be put to good use.

The best and most appealing reusable containers include jars and baskets specifically designed for this purpose. In fact, if you already possess a reusable jar or a basket, think about designing it yourself, especially if you have a good idea of what your loved one would like. Additionally, you can even assemble a team of friends and family members to help, making "wrapping" the gift an extra activity that promotes bonding and creativity.

Besides reducing waste and being eco-friendly, using reusable containers as gift wrapping can actually grant you an extra gift.

Gift Box

Green gifting from start to finish

Want to level up your eco-friendly gift-wrapping game? Go the extra mile and buy a sustainable gift! By wrapping your sustainable gift in eco-friendly materials, you're not only giving the perfect present, but you're also adding an extra dose of sustainability to the package - it's like a planet-friendly cherry on top! It's a wonderful way to promote conscious consumption and show your care for the planet while celebrating special occasions.

Here are some fantastic ideas for sustainable gifts:

Compostable phone cases

If you're gifting a new phone case, consider opting for a compostable phone case made from plants. These phone cases are designed to break down naturally over time, reducing plastic waste and minimizing environmental harm.

Compostable Phone Case No Plastic Vanilla White

Stone paper notebook

Stone paper notebooks require no trees to be cut down and use less water and energy in the production process compared to traditional paper. Wrap your stone paper notebook in recycled or reused paper, or use fabric scraps or twine for a rustic, natural look.

Stone Paper Notebook agood company

Recycled cotton t-shirt

Circular fashion refers to clothing or accessories made from recycled materials or designed to be recycled or upcycled at the end of their lifecycle, promoting sustainability and creativity through upcycling techniques. If you're gifting a recycled cotton t-shirt, consider wrapping it in fabric scraps from old clothes, using a reusable cloth bag, or repurposing a scarf or bandana as wrapping paper. You can also use biodegradable or recycled gift tags to complete the look.

Sustainable Gift - Recycled Cotton T-Shirt Black

Furthermore, as Mother's Day approaches, why not celebrate with love by exploring some thoughtful and sustainable Mother's Day gift ideas for the special moms in your life?

In short

 As we mentioned earlier, gifting is one of the best ways to show someone love and affection. However, besides choosing the gift, which does take a pretty significant amount of time and energy, it's important to choose the perfect gift wrapping.

Now, when talking about gift wrapping, we understand that you might be tempted to buy the first piece of glossy wrapping paper you might find. But, there are plenty of beautiful, unique, creative, and cost-effective options to choose from, including washi tape, natural minerals, reusable gift bags, reusable containers, old newspapers, old maps, music sheets, seed paper, furoshiki, etc. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that you won't make a mistake, especially when you see the face of the person receiving the gift. Besides being thrilled about the present, one of these options can even represent an additional gift while promoting sustainability and a climate-positive lifestyle.

If you want to take your sustainability efforts even further, check out this zero waste gift guide. No matter the occasion, you'll find the perfect gift that shows your love and care for our planet. From birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between, make a positive impact with a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift.

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