gomi design - Sustainable Production Process

gomi design - Sustainable Production Process

17 Nov 2023

gomi design stands as a testament to purpose-driven innovation, seeking to transcend the conventional boundaries of product design. With a commitment to crafting timeless and sustainable creations, gomi envisions a world where technology doesn't succumb to obsolescence but instead follows a circular lifespan, resonating with a unique design philosophy.

gomi's vision is grounded in the belief that products should possess enduring beauty and value. Rejecting the notion of disposable technology, the brand champions the idea of circular economy, ensuring that their creations stand the test of time both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how gomi makes their designer speakers. They put a lot of care into crafting each one by hand, making them unique and artistic. This isn't just about creating cool products - it's also part of gomi's commitment to being eco-friendly and making things that last.

Crafting Beauty by Hand in Brighton

So, picture this: Brighton Lanes, a buzzing oasis of sustainable innovation, and gomi's studio at the heart of it. It's not just a place; it's a vibe, where every speaker tells a story of craftiness, teamwork, and a commitment to a planet-friendly party. They're all about making them last and being eco-friendly champs at the same time. The gomi crew embraces this thing called modular design, which basically means your speaker isn't headed to the tech graveyard when something goes wonky. Nope, it gets a makeover and is back in action.

Recycled plastic bluetooth speaker
Recycled plastic bluetooth speaker
Recycled plastic bluetooth speaker

The Process and Way of Working

From Plastic Waste to Aesthetic Marvels

At gomi, waste isn't a problem; it's a canvas for creativity. Making sure that it does not end up on landfills, as it happens with all the plastic, the story begins with the enchanting process of transforming 'non-recyclable' waste plastics into beautiful, hand-crafted speakers. These creations not only challenge the perception of what can be done with discarded materials but also stand as a testament to gomi's commitment to sustainable design.

Recycled plastic

Each speaker tells a story of repurposing, breathing new life into materials that others might overlook. It's a journey that goes beyond aesthetics; it's a conscious effort to redefine the lifespan of materials and challenge the notion of disposability in the tech world, knowing that e-waste can be extremely dangerous for our environment.

Defying Mass Production Norms

In a world inundated with mass production and a disregard for the environmental impact of materials, gomi stands as a rebel with a cause. The brand boldly defies the norms of a throwaway culture, taking a deliberate stand against the mindless production of tech products.

Bluetooth speaker production
gomi bluetooth speaker

While others opt for the easy path of creating more waste, gomi consciously chooses plastics and batteries destined for the landfill. It's a calculated move that sets them apart, challenging the industry to consider the biggest environmental problems of their choices. In this defiance of mass production norms, gomi emerges as a pioneer of sustainability, proving that beauty can indeed arise from the most unexpected places.

Ethical Battery Solutions

In the realm of tech, batteries often pose ethical challenges. gomi, however, is rewriting the narrative by pioneering ethical battery solutions. Join us as we explore the conscientious approach gomi takes in utilizing healthy lithium batteries from damaged e-bikes, breaking free from the conventional methods that contribute to environmental degradation.

Recycled batteries

As we delve into the heart of gomi's commitment to sustainability, witness how the brand addresses the ethical dilemmas associated with battery usage. Discover the transformative journey of healthy lithium batteries, once relegated to e-bike retirement, finding new purpose and vitality in gomi's designer speakers.

The gomi Battery Harvesting Process

The secret to gomi's sustainable power lies in their cautious battery harvesting process. Gain insights into the intricate steps that unfold, starting with the sourcing of retired battery packs from e-bike manufacturers. These packs, though damaged, harbor healthy lithium cells that are given a second chance at life within the gomi ecosystem.

In the gomi studio, these salvaged cells undergo rigorous testing on a diagnostic rack to ensure they are in perfect working order. The process is a testament to gomi's commitment to quality and reliability. Finally, these tested cells are skillfully combined to create battery packs that fuel gomi's designer speakers, providing an impressive 30+ hours of playtime at normal listening volumes.

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Through this transparent exploration of the gomi battery harvesting process, we witness more than just innovation; we witness a conscious effort to intercept batteries that might have ended up in landfills and prevent the need for creating new ones. It's a sustainable cycle that not only powers speakers but contributes to a greener, more responsible tech industry.

Conclusion: A Green Technology For Future

In a world of disposable gadgets, gomi creates products that stand the test of time, proving that sustainability and style can coexist. gomi's magic lies in transforming what others discard into something extraordinary. Non-recyclable plastics and worn-out batteries get a second chance, setting a great example for one of the solutions to plastic pollution, emerging as speakers that redefine the standards of both style and environmental responsibility.

agood company and gomi design

gomi's speakers are not just objects; they are a testament to a commitment to a greener tomorrow. Even the batteries, rescued from retired electric bikes, undergo a transformation. Tested and repurposed, they power Gomi's speakers for extended playtime, emphasizing that green technology isn't just a concept but a reality.

So, here's the pitch – gomi isn't just making speakers; they are crafting a lifestyle. They are the pioneers of green technology, showing us that we don't have to compromise coolness for sustainability. Join the gomi movement, where every purchase is a step towards a tech-forward, eco-conscious future.

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