The Plastic Free Store

The Plastic Free Store

30 Oct 2019

We have all seen horrifying footage on the news about plastic waste and how it is devastating for our world. But where does it really begin? And, how dependent are we on plastic in our everyday lives?

We decided to do a test — a monumental activist campaign.

What can I do?

Take the pledge to reduce plastics in your everyday life. We will come back with tips on how you can act and influence.

The Plastic free store


How much plastic was removed from the store?

4671 of 5005 unique articles. That is 93%.

Why did you to this film?

To raise awareness of the enormous plastic-trap we all are in.

What about the single-use ban?

The EU has voted to outlaw 10 single-use plastic items, including straws, forks and knives, by 2021. It has also set targets for all plastic packaging, the top source of plastic waste, to be recyclable by 2030. This film visualises that this is far from enough to cover our plastic dependency.

What’s your motive making it?

In the spirit of being completely transparent, we want to emphasise that this action is made without any ulterior motive. It is about raising awareness of our plastic-dependency and the devastating impact this has on the environment.

Do you sell or plan to sell plastic-free packaging materials to grocery chains?


Did the news catch-on?

Selective media was invited to document and speak with customers.


Contact Emilia Cullborg.

Production information

Produced and financed by: A Good Company

Photo and editing: Visionary Films

Recorded: October 28-29 2019 Stockholm, Sweden

The Plastic-free store
The Plastic-free store today
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