Jira Seow

Jira Seow

29 Oct 2019

"We need to continue to showcase the ugly truths of climate change to the world and start making changes in our own lives to reduce these harmful changes which our planet is undergoing."

Jira, a warm welcome to A Good Community! Our sources tell us you live in Australia, how long have you called that home?

Ten years ago, I was in a relationship with an Australian I met in Singapore. We moved to Australia to look for more work.

I have called Sydney home ever since. No matter how much I travel, I always come back to Sydney. I am drawn to the laid back lifestyle and have fallen in love with Sydney's warm climate and of course, beautiful beaches.

That sounds lovely from our Scandinavian point of view! How do you spend most of your days there?

When I'm not working, I spend a lot of my free time going on long walks, baking healthy treats and relaxing at the beach. I love watching sunrises and sunsets. I am an early riser and find joy in spending my mornings writing in my journal and practicing yoga. On weekends I love going to the farmers markets and catching up with friends.

What would you say your passion in life is?

I have three great passions in life. I am passionate about helping others, whether that be teaching a new wellness lifestyle or skill or devoting my time to bettering others lives and the environment. Travel is also a passion of mine. I love exploring new places, meeting people and experiencing their culture.

I have had the opportunity to visit and live in many different countries and these experiences have shaped who I am today. Another one of my passions in life is children. I have two nieces back home in America and I think the world of them. I love being around little ones. Something about their curiosity and enthusiastic energy for life makes them a joy to be around. In some ways, children also bring out the child in me.

I love living in Australia, but a big dream I have is to be able to split my time between Australia and America (where I am originally from) to chase the summer all year around. I would also like to help others to improve their general health and well-being so that they can fulfil all of their potential and achieve their goals.

What, in your view, is society's greatest challenge and what can we as individuals do to address it?

I think one of our greatest challenges in the world is selfishness. Many powerful people climb to the top and take all they can without consideration for the environment and the impact footprint they leave behind them. I feel that there is a great lack of empathy towards the less fortunate.

We as individuals have a responsibility to address this in as many different forms of communication as possible; social media, petitions, the press, events, celebrities, and other effective platforms. Awareness is key – as some people are less informed on this issue than others. We could and should do more to implement this kind of education in schools and in families with young children.

On the other side of the coin – what is society's greatest opportunity right now?

More and more people are waking up and taking a stand on the scientific proof of climate change and how it's affecting our planet. Generations of the future are expressing their concerns and the world is listening. I believe that if more selfless individuals continue to raise their voice, we can start to create little ripples that will one day create a wave of change.

What can we as a group do to seize that opportunity?

We need to continue to showcase the ugly truths of climate change to the world and start making changes in our own lives to reduce these harmful changes which our planet is undergoing. We do this by reducing our use and production of plastics, limiting water use and consuming less meat, just to name a few.

What in your mind signifies "A Good Community"?

A group of like-minded individuals working together to share knowledge, create innovative products and work on other ways to better the planet.

I love everything about A Good Company and A Good Community. The company is the change we need to see more of, and the start of something big. The community's ethos is on point and forward-thinking.

I am passionate about sharing what A Good Community is all about because it really resonates with me. I am part of a not for profit organisation called Splash without the Trash, and we organise beach cleans in Sydney.

I get a first hand glimpse of the plastic pollution in our ocean and know that our plastic consumption needs to be reduced drastically. A Good Community is part of the future and is spreading the grim reality, and that is exactly what we need right now.

Gathering like-minded individuals together to brainstorm how we can create a better, more sustainable planet is beneficial to us all. We're all in this together. If we join forces to share ideas and collaborate, we can all benefit and move in the direction of a more economical, sustainable future.

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