Business & Dreams x Agood Company

Business & Dreams x Agood Company

10 Jun 2022

Take a deep dive into the backstory of Business & Dreams and get inspired by their sustainability tips, both social and environmental.

Business & Dreams is a Swedish female network, founded to empower women in business. We couldn't be happier to work with them, as well as speaking to their founders, Vendela and Camilla, to find out a bit more about their mission and values.

Welcome to Agood Community! You recently had your retreat were you used our stone paper notebooks and Natural Grass Pens, so we thought it was the perfect time for us and our community to get to know you better.

Who are you, the founders behind Business and Dreams?

We are Camilla and Vendela, a duo deeply passionate about equality and bringing inspiring women with big goals together! For around two years we have run Business & Dreams Members’ Club with 1000+ members in more than 17 countries.

What inspired the mission behind Business and Dreams?

We have previously worked in two male-dominated industries, tech and finance, where we saw the need for equality. We believe that highlighting female role models is so important in order to inspire others and to show different possibilities.

Why is Business and Dreams so important?

We strongly believe in the importance of a supportive community and bringing like-minded women together. We are so happy when we hear stories such as when our members have found a business partner or even a friend for life through our club.

Why is the relationship with business and your personal well-being so important?

You believe in a holistic approach to our careers - if we don’t feel well we don’t have much to give to the world. We therefore stress the importance of taking care of our mental and physical health and that the greatest investment you can do is an investment in yourself.

What would be one article from your website that our customers should read and why?

We often let our members share their thoughts and insights within a topic on our website and one article that recently received a lot of attention was from our member Mariamawit Tirfe on the topic of self-confidence and self-love. We love this article because building a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves will affect everything we do in life. Click here to read the article!

What is the biggest achievement Business and Dreams has achieved?

We feel the most proud when we hear about how something from our club has improved the life of a member in one way or another. It could be anything from deciding to meditate for just a minute each day to finding the courage to make their passion in life into a company. Recently a member shared how she through the inspiration and mindset exercises in our club had landed a job with an annual salary increase of EUR 30 000! That really made our day.

What would you say are the main elements for a sustainable lifestyle starter kit?

Shop less and try to find things second hand.
Prioritize quality over quantity.
Do your research about the companies you shop from and see how well they perform from a sustainability perspective.
Eat more plant-based. We are both vegans ourselves and try to inform ourselves regularly how our food choices affect our planet.

We love how you are invested in sustainable living, how does environmental sustainability play a role in people's lives?

Almost all our choices in life have a sustainability angle to them and the important thing is to do our best instead of doing nothing if it sometimes feels overwhelming. Start small and increase if you want to along the way. Small changes could be to bike instead of taking the car to work, eat more plant-based, see if a product is available second-hand and be curious about how products are produced.

We LOVE how you wanted to work with us and use our Agood Notebooks! How will you use our notebooks in your day to day life?

We use Agood Notebooks everyday for our daily journaling practise. In the notebook we write down ten things we are grateful for, three focus areas for the day and three things we love about ourselves. It feels great to start the day in a sustainable and healthy way, both for our well-being and for the planet.

Thank you so much!! We are certainly inspired after this conversation. I will be reading Mariamawit Tirfe article right after this!

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