Anuthida, Berlins most passionate soul

14 Oct 2021

Anuthida, one of our German based ambassadors, lives in Berlin and has become an inspiration to her community. Anuthida's many talents include photography, content creation and acting, but the most important characteristic we discovered was her open hearted personality and perspective of life.

Anuthida creates content everyone can relate to and encourages people to be true to themselves and let their creative side shine through. We have been watching her from the sidelines, so we were desperate to have a one-on-one chat to understand what makes Anuthida, Anuthida!


Welcome Anuthida, we are so pleased that you are joining us here at A Good community! So we thought now was the perfect time for us and our community to get to know you better.

First and foremost, we want to know a little more about you! Who is Anuthida?

Who is Anuthida?” That’s an essential question I am asking myself daily. Maybe this is who I actually am. The young woman who faces herself day by day. I used to answer that question by telling people what I do for work and defining myself by my work/title. Of course I can say “I am Anuthida - model, content creator, photographer, becoming actress“ but a big question of mine immediately pops into my head: “How accurately does that tell people about who I am as a human being?”. Do I want to be remembered as that content creator.. actress ..? Or do I just want to be remembered by my open hearted personality, curious mind and passionate soul? I, Anuthida, would relate to the second option. I am just a human being called Anuthida who wants to live to the fullest with an open heart, to acknowledge experiences and enjoy the art of loving.


Wow, we love that mindset! We also find you being so creative and always thinking outside of the box when creating your content. We LOVE how you use your social media platform to inspire people! But who or what inspires you?

Oh thanks a lot! I REALLY appreciate these words since it's the most important intention of mine to get humans inspired by the things I share. Especially because I am that kind of person who overthinks and overanalyzes every step before I act. In my visions I would love to inspire more and more people! What inspires me is actually my community, my surroundings on an intellectual level, the conversations with my fellows and my beloved ones. The reflections about the several polarities of life. That is what keeps me alive on social media, what’s activating my motivation to keep going and inspires me to keep speaking my truth - in certainty that it is empowering for us all to keep connected.


You seem very confident and sure of who you are as an individual. As a model and influencer people tend to have unsolicited opinions about your looks and actions. Do you have any good advice on how to stay confident and connected with yourself?

I do seem that way but I can say that I do not always feel confident and sure about myself. I would even say that I am often unsure about who I am and what I want to be, yet this is what is making me strong I guess - the courage to be vulnerable. In my opinion being confident means to be aware, conscious and honest about all our insecurities and our fears while acknowledging our willingness to grow. To acknowledge every spectrum of emotion. To keep being connected to myself means to keep acknowledging all of that daily. To acknowledge that I am allowed to be all of this, to be a contradiction and yes, allowing myself to get connected with myself is also an important part for me. It has always been helpful to ask myself daily what helps me stay grounded? For me, it is being in nature for at least for an hour a day, to include meditation and breathworks in my routines and the most important part: my daily journaling. To set intentions, goals in the morning, write things that I am grateful for down and in the evening to reflect on the day: what are the good things I experienced today? What am I thankful for and what can I do better tomorrow?

“In my opinion being confident means to be aware, conscious and honest about all our insecurities and our fears while acknowledging our willingness to grow. To acknowledge every spectrum of emotion.”



So much good advice and you truly inspire us! Can you tell us what a “day in the life of Anuthida“ is like? We are so curious!

Huh it really depends on which day in the week I am living. In the week I wake up very early, about 6 or 7 so I can live my routine: hydrate, meditate, breathwork, breakfast and yoga/sport. Then I take at least 15 minutes to be in nature before I head to school where I spend all day loving my ensemble and keep embracing all my talents and abilities around acting, dancing, singing, moving, theater/music history. Outside of school time I’m working on content creation, in the evening I do at least one thing that’s making me happy without any performance (drawing, dancing..) or I’m spending time with my loved ones.

We love that you share the same values with us at A Good Company and want to inspire people to make more conscious decisions! What has been the biggest change that you have done these past years to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

It was definitely the decision to completely change my nutrition and to become vegan as much as possible. At first it was a challenge to be creative around new recipes and to cook everything myself but I got used to it very fast. I would say that was the biggest and most important change in my life but it was definitely worth it for the environment, the animals and my body!

Thank you so much Anuthida, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us, we welcome you back to #agoodcommunity anytime!

To see more of Anuthida, follow her on Instagram!

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