A Good Company x Bings

A Good Company x Bings

19 Aug 2021

We're in love with the Berlin-based artist and multi-talent Bings. So much so that we decided to make a limited edition mobile collection together! When Mika, our Head of Brand, first stumbled upon her work, it was love at first sight.

If you ask us, Bings is the bee's knees and definitely the next shooting star on the art scene – so don't you forget where you heard it first..!

Dive into her stunning art and relish in her exquisite use of sparkling colours. Each pattern is thoughtfully designed after a real life oil painting hanging in an artsy gallery in our favourite hidden corner of Berlin. Embrace Berlin's rough and beautiful features and be happy each time you look at your phone! We know we are.

Bings spills the beans on bubbling colours, bananas & Berlin

We took the opportunity to chat to Bings about what inspires her (spoiler alert: the urban zeitgeist and cultural mix of Berlin) and how she dives into her art.

Check out the mini-interview here!


"I stumbled across Bings instagram this last spring and instantly fell in love with her vibrant aesthetic. Her playful colourful expression is so inspiring and she personifies the relaxed, urban and artistic zeitgeist of one of our favourite cities in the world – Berlin. And it took just one call with Bings for everyone in the team fall head over heels in love with her beautiful personality as well. Look out for Bing because she is ready to take over the German art scene and then the rest of the world – rest assured."

– Mika, Head of Brand

Shop the collection here!

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