Bird Eyewear: Circular Sunglasses Production

Bird Eyewear: Circular Sunglasses Production

21 Nov 2023

The world of Bird Eyewear, where the journey extends beyond fashion frames to the creation of a movement that values people and the planet. Their goal is that every pair of Birds leaves you feeling great and helps bring about change. They prioritise using the best sustainable materials for their frames, including certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminium. Bird is also a Certified B Corporation, demonstrating their commitment to high social and environmental standards.

Bird Eyewear Sunglasses

Bird Eyewear is a brand based in the UK that combines stylish and sustainable eyewear with a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Their initiatives include providing solar lights to communities in need, recycling programs, ethical sourcing, and reforestation efforts to minimise their impact on the environment and create a positive change in the world.

The Founding Story of Bird Eyewear

Bird Eyewear's mission is to create a better world through the production of sustainable eyewear. Their core philosophy is built on the idea of taking tangible actions rather than empty promises, with a clear focus on making a positive impact. They believe that the fashion industry can lead the way in demonstrating that creativity and a deep respect for nature can be the driving forces behind sustainability.

Acknowledging the global challenges of our times, Bird places importance on their supply chain practices and operations, which can influence not only their business but also their partners, stakeholders, and the planet at large. With a strong connection to nature, they are committed to embodying this relationship in every aspect of their work, from innovative materials to reforestation efforts, and they aim to push boundaries for the betterment of both people and the planet. Bird eyewear strives to be a beacon of sustainable and circular fashion, offering a practical example of how fashion can be a force for positive change.

Bird Eyewear
Bird Eyewear

The vision of Bird Eyewear revolves around integrating nature into their products and practices. They aim to create eyewear that not only showcases innovative and stylish designs but also minimises the environmental impact associated with traditional eyewear manufacturing. The brand envisions a world where fashion and sustainability coexist, and where their products contribute positively to the environment.

The Material, Process and Way of Working

  • Bio-plastic (Bio-acetate): The use of eco-friendly bio-acetate, derived from sustainable sources like wood and cotton, reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional acetate. This material is hypoallergenic, safe for the skin, and possesses high strength and flexibility.
  • Recycled Aluminium: By using recycled aluminium, Bird Eyewear capitalises on one of the most recycled and recyclable materials on the planet. This choice not only minimises waste but also significantly reduces energy consumption compared to producing new metal.
  • Sustainable Woods: The brand uses FSC-approved wood or bamboo for their wooden frames. This ensures that the wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests, promoting the safe and sustainable management of natural resources.

Sustainable materials

  • Bean-Based Frames: Bird Eyewear utilises frames made from processed castor beans, a natural polymer that is both lightweight and exceptionally strong. This material is not only durable but also environmentally friendly and a great alternative to plastic, as castor plants grow rapidly without the need for pesticides or chemicals.
  • Cork: Cork, a renewable material with a small ecological footprint, is used in certain aspects of their eyewear. Harvesting cork has minimal impact on the cork tree, which can be harvested every 9-14 years, and the material itself is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Packaging:

  • Bird Eyewear is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of their packaging.
  • They have collaborated with Flexi-hex to create a hexagonal packaging design that is not only visually appealing but also functional in keeping the eyewear secure during transit. The packaging is made from over 85% recycled paper pulp, with all virgin paper being FSC certified, ensuring responsible sourcing and production practices.
Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Packaging
Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Packaging

Bird Eyewear's approach to business revolves around a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. They prioritise the use of materials that are renewable, recyclable, and have a lower environmental impact. The brand also actively seeks partnerships with companies that share their values, such as the collaboration with Flexi-hex for eco-friendly packaging. By incorporating nature-friendly materials and practices into every aspect of their operations, Bird Eyewear aims to make a positive contribution to both the fashion industry and the environment.

Final Products, Combining Style and Sustainabilitiy:

Traditional sunglasses contribute to plastic pollution, taking centuries to decompose. These sunglasses are 100% circular. When purches through agood compnay, you can return them to us, and we'll transform them into new frames through our agood loop™ program, embracing the circular economy to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact without the need for new raw materials.

These UV protection sunglasses made from vegan material will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, crafted from certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminum. Available in a range of styles and colours, these eco-friendly sunglasses not only offer top-notch eye protection but also allow you to elevate your eyewear game while making a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable glasses, Alba Caramel - By Bird Eyewear
Golden Framed Sunglass, Luna Gold - By Bird Eyewear
Marbel Framed Sunglass, Tawny Snowy - By Bird Eyewear

About The Owner

Ed and Lawrence are the founders of Bird eyewear. They are passionate about combining creativity, respect for nature, and sustainability in the fashion industry, as reflected in Bird eyewear's mission. Ed is described as someone who loves learning from trial and error and is willing to tackle and solve any problem. He has a strong sense of determination and a problem-solving mindset, involved in the company's innovative and practical approaches to sustainability and eyewear design.

Lawrence is characterised as someone with a keen attention to detail and a talent for great design. He played a significant role in the design and aesthetic aspects of Bird Eyewear. His attention to detail ensures the high-quality and stylish nature of their products.

Conclusion: Eco and Fashionable Eyewear

Bird Eyewear's vision extends beyond creating fashionable eyewear, it envisions a harmonious coexistence between fashion and environmental responsibility. By consistently incorporating sustainable practices into their operations, Bird Eyewear sets a commendable standard for the industry, encouraging consumers to make conscious choices without compromising on style or quality. Overall, Bird Eyewear stands as a beacon of environmentally conscious fashion, embodying a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond aesthetics.

The brand's commitment to using eco-friendly materials that are both renewable and recyclable reflects a dedication to responsible sourcing and production. The emphasis on partnerships with organisations like the Forestry Stewardship Council and Flexi-hex further underscores Bird Eyewear's collaborative approach to sustainability. Overall, Bird Eyewear's commitment to sustainability transcends mere industry standards, making it a pioneering force that inspires positive change in the fashion landscape.

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