LunarJames: Sustainable Jewellery Production

LunarJames: Sustainable Jewellery Production

20 Nov 2023

Step into the world of Lunar James, a jewellery brand where opulence meets ecological harmony. Founded by artisan Arianne, Lunar James epitomizes the allure of nature and our profound kinship with our planet. This blog unveils the intricate tale behind each masterpiece, shedding light on the fusion of luxury and sustainability woven into every creation.

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At Lunar James, the vision is clear:

to redefine opulence through a lens of sustainability. Drawing inspiration from ancient practices that revere the interconnectedness of all living things, the brand conscentiously crafts each design. Embracing natural elements like nuts, plant seeds, stones, shells, wood, and cruelty-free feathers, Lunar James elevates adornment into a celebration of Earth's splendor. Join us on a journey through the enchanting creations birthed beneath a centuries-old sycamore tree in South London. Discover how Lunar James intertwines luxury with conscious living promotes us to live a climate positive lifestyle, where each piece echoing the brand's unwavering commitment to preserving our planet's magic.

The Founding Story of Lunar James

The genesis of Lunar James traces back to a lifelong fascination with nature and its myriad marvels. Arianne, the visionary behind the brand, recalls a childhood enraptured by the wonders of the natural world, exploring gardens teeming with snails, worms, and ladybirds, and delving into her father's Reader's Digest to unearth the secrets of peculiar insect species. The transformative journey across South America unveiled a local tradition adorned with feather earrings and jewellery crafted from pure, natural elements like seeds, shells, and bones.

This revelation resonated deeply with Arianne, an epiphany that beauty could thrive organically without reliance on artificial, synthetic materials like plastic. Infused with this profound inspiration, she carried it home, nurturing it over 15 years by crafting jewellery, art, and home decor that harmonized the organic with the inorganic.

Lunar James emerged as a testament to this reverence for nature, christened in honor of Arianne's son, James, born under the radiance of a full moon. It embodies a sustainable ethos rooted in a deep love for the natural world, expressed through the brand's designs. Each piece is conceived and crafted with a commitment to preserving nature's beauty, evident in the organic contours, textures, and hues that define Lunar James' collections. The brand champions a return to ancient artisanal living, weaving natural materials, nuts, plant seeds, stones, shells, wood, and cruelty-free feathers into its designs.

Yet, Lunar James' dedication to the planet transcends its artistic vision. From the use of sustainable materials and fabrics to biodegradable business cards and recyclable packaging, every facet of the brand reflects an unwavering commitment to sustainability. For Lunar James, the pursuit of crafting exquisite, sustainable jewellery is a vital contribution to the preservation of our planet - a heartfelt endeavor to safeguard its splendor.

The Process and Way of Working

Nestled beneath the canopy of a venerable 200-year-old sycamore tree in South London, Lunar James passionately crafts handmade sustainable jewellery, orchestrating a symphony of sustainability and artistry in its jewellery-making process. Guided by a profound reverence for nature and a steadfast commitment to conscious craftsmanship, every step in their  process harmonizes ancient traditions with modern sustainable practices.

Crafting by Hand, Crafted with Heart: At the heart of Lunar James lies a dedication to handcrafting each piece of jewellery. Every creation, carefully designed and brought to life in their South London studio, bears the imprint of artisanal skill and heartfelt dedication. This hands-on approach ensures a unique touch to each item, resonating with the brand's ethos of individuality and interconnectedness.

Eco-Conscious Materials, Ethical Sourcing: Lunar James embraces sustainability through its material choices. Recycled metals and consciously sourced gemstones form the backbone of their creations, embodying a commitment to reducing environmental impact. By procuring materials with care and consciousness, the brand upholds its pledge to the Earth, advocating for responsible practices in the jewellery industry. With numerous items crafted from the stones or shells hand-picked for beautiful sea and beach inspired products, you can pick your favourite:

White Shell Earrings
Moonstone Charm Necklace with Tiger Concha Shells
White Shell Earrings

Reducing Footprint, Embracing Responsibility: Beyond the craftsmanship, Lunar James goes the extra mile to minimize its environmental footprint. From the selection of FSC-certified recyclable packaging to eco-friendly shipping practices, every aspect of the brand's operations is infused with a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Preserving Traditions, Crafting Legacies: The brand's commitment to reviving ancient traditions resonates in each piece. Lunar James doesn't just create jewellery; it weaves stories, encapsulating the magic of life and our interconnectedness with nature. Small-batch production ensures attention to detail and allows for a deeper connection between the wearer and the artistry behind every piece. Crafted with natural stones, each picked from tradition and representing a brithstone for your wellbeing, you can pick by your birth month:

About the Owner

Arianne, the creative force and soul behind Lunar James, is a passionate artisan deeply connected to nature's beauty. Her journey into jewellery making was ignited by a profound love for the natural world, fostering a commitment to sustainable craftsmanship. A self-taught jeweller with an unwavering dedication to ethical design, Arianne's vision infuses every piece with a unique blend of artistry and eco-consciousness. Her leadership drives Lunar James' mission to redefine luxury through sustainability, crafting jewellery that reflects not just exquisite design but also a deep reverence for our planet.


In conclusion, Lunar James stands as a beacon of sustainable artistry, encapsulating the beauty of our planet through sustainably crafted jewellery. Rooted in a deep connection to nature, this brand embodies a vision that transcends mere adornment, championing a harmony between luxury and environmental consciousness.

agood company with Lunar James

From the organic shapes and textures to the conscientious material choices, each piece reflects a commitment to preserving Earth's splendor. Lunar James invites you to embrace not just the elegance of their jewellery but also a shared commitment to sustainability. Together, we embark on a journey towards a more eco-conscious future, where every piece represents a step towards preserving our planet's magnificence and passing on its wisdom to future generations.

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