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WEtell revolutionizes the mobile communications industry with its focus on climate protection, data privacy, fairness, and transparency.

Since June 2022, WEtell has been a purpose company and thus under responsible ownership. Thereby the company belongs to itself and is protected from becoming an object of speculation. Profits can only be used for the continued existence and further development of WEtell. 

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By setting new social-ecological standards, WEtell exemplifies the paradigm shift in our consumer and service society. A perfect match for agood company and our PLNTPRTC™ cases.



The company may neither be sold nor bequeathed. In addition, the decision-making power lies solely with the people who work within the company and represent its values.

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WETell Activities for Driving Climate Protection in Mobile Communications:

The rapid growth of the mobile communications industry has significant implications for climate protection.

With every like or holiday greeting sent, electricity is consumed, resulting in CO2 emissions.

Merely donating money or planting trees is insufficient to address the industry's carbon footprint. WEtell aims to promote transformative change by implementing holistic measures and driving economic change towards climate neutrality. Read more about their activites.

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Climate-Neutral Operations:

WEtell has successfully achieved climate-neutral operations by implementing an all-around package: avoid, replace, recover. They actively avoid CO2 emissions and extract the produced CO2 from the atmosphere. Everyday processes are replaced with lower-emission alternatives, such as climate-neutral mailing and eco-cloud providers.

Promoting the Energy Transition:

WEtell actively promotes the energy transition by building solar panels in Germany. This initiative not only contributes to the generation of renewable energy but also reduces future CO2 emissions. By preventing the creation of CO2, the need for carbon offsetting decreases, leading to long-term positive change.

International Engagement:

WEtell has achieved notable milestones beyond its own operations. Alma Spribille, a member of the WEtell founding team, was elected as a board member of the Association for Sustainable Business. WEtell also collaborates with the FairTec initiative, actively engaging in international climate protection efforts and enabling lobbying for climate protection.

Climate-Positive Services:

WEtell goes beyond climate neutrality and strives to offer climate-positive services. Their measures ensure that mobile phone behavior does not harm the climate but rather contributes positively to it.

Construction of Solar Systems:

In partnership with Ecosia, WEtell has built 570kW solar systems in Germany, generating more green electricity than needed to operate the entire infrastructure for 10,000 customers.

Compensation for Unavoidable CO2 Emissions:

WEtell offsets all emissions that cannot be avoided through ecological corporate management. They invest in the construction of carbon sinks, such as the production of biochar from European forest residues. This reduces CO2 content in the atmosphere and promotes biodiversity and soil quality.

Expanding Renewable Energies with Social Impact:

WEtell combines the expansion of renewable energies with social aspects. They utilize a dedicated fund to support the construction of renewable energy systems. Cash returns from the fund are directed towards energy efficiency, storage, or transformation projects.

Advocacy and Sustainable Partnerships:

WEtell emphasizes the importance of climate protection by selecting sustainable partners and service providers. They engage in detailed discussions about sustainability practices, promoting change beyond their company boundaries.

Socio-Political Engagement:

WEtell actively participates in socio-political initiatives such as Fridays for Future, Entrepreneurs for Future, and Corporate Green. They take every opportunity to communicate their values and advocate for the importance of climate protection.