New study shows: The Fortune 500 severely understate the urgency of climate change


31 March 2020

Swedish sustainable and social impact startup A Good Company launches the most extensive review to date of the strategic goals of Fortune 500 companies. The results of the study highlight the number of strategic goals connected to climate change. Spoiler alert, they are few.

The study reviews the in total 1747 separate goals, as communicated by the Fortune 500 companies. Only a mere 106 of those, or 6%, seeks to address climate change. These climate-related goals are distributed across 89 companies, or 18%.

”Despite the warnings, it turns out that revenue, profit and cost-cutting are still 592 times more important than a healthy climate on earth.”, says Anders Ankarlid, CEO and Founder of A Good Company.

The study also addresses the gap in timeline and accountability when it comes to reaching the goals outlined to relieve the climate crisis. The average timeline for strategic goals is 2021, whereas the average timeline for reaching climate-related goals is 2023.

“In 2030, when we will be held accountable for the efforts made since The Paris Agreement, the CEOs stipulating these strategic goals for their respective companies will be long gone. With that in mind, it is easy to fathom that they would rather focus on short-term strategic goals, strengthening their own position in the here and now. We all need to start holding them accountable now.”, says Anders Ankarlid.

Read the full study here.

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