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Our notebooks aren’t kawaii - at least they don’t start out that way. Our pocket diaries do have an understated cuteness because of their small size but Hello Kitty & Friends they are not. Do you want a cute notebook. It could be. It’s all up to you.

Our notebooks and diaries are blank canvases. We leave it up to you to turn it into something unique, or cute, or serious or whatever it is that makes it sing, “you!” Want some ideas? There’s a lot of cool sticker art out in the world. Feel free to cover your notebook with some of your favorites. We’re partial to this Princess Daisy pin up sticker that we found on Etsy.

Maybe stickers don’t do it for you. That’s fine with us. It’s your notebook and you can do anything with it. Maybe hand drawn decorations are more your thing. Get inspired, grab a sharpie, and have some fun.

Whether you put a bunch of stickers on your notebook or decorate your pocket diary with some unbelievable sharpie art, or whatever you do take a photo and tag @agoodcom on Instagram. We’d love to see how you made it a reflection of you.