Green November Tree Tracker

Green November Tree Tracker

30 Oct 2020


A Good Company isn't taking part in Black Friday. Instead we're celebrating Green November.

We want to reward you for making a better decision for the environment. So, throughout the month of November, we're offering a flat 15% discount on all our products.

No rushing in for one day sales, you have a whole month to decide whether one of our products is right for you. And, we wanted to do an extra bit for the planet too.

🌲+ Initiative

Throughout the year we plant a tree every time someone purchases from our marketplace. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. We like trees and they are important. You can read more about this initiative here.

For Green November, we will plant an extra tree for every €10 in sales in addition to our standard tree per order policy.

Check in every two days to see how we're doing!





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