Bamboo Toilet Paper in Stock

Bamboo toilet paper in stock

17 Aug 2023

Ever thought about switching to bamboo toilet paper? You know, the regular stuff is made from trees, and cutting down trees isn't great for our planet. But bamboo toilet paper is different – it's made from bamboo, a plant that grows super fast, like you can almost see it grow!

Our bamboo toilet paper is in stock and ready to be part of your eco-friendly bathroom routine. It's not just good for the Earth; it's also budget-friendly. Plus, we deliver it to your door in environmentally friendly packaging.

In this blog post, we'll show you why bamboo toilet paper is fantastic, how it's made, and why it's great for the environment. If you're looking to make a small change with a big impact, this is it. Let's explore why bamboo toilet paper is the right choice for your family and the planet.

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What is bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper? Yep, you guessed it right! It's like regular toilet paper, but it's made from bamboo, the super-fast-growing plant. See, the problem with regular toilet paper is that it's made from a mix of trees – both hard and softwoods. And cutting down trees for toilet paper isn't great for our planet.

But bamboo is different; it's a very sustainable material. Once bamboo grows big and strong, you can harvest it over and over again. And here's a fun fact: bamboo is technically a type of grass, and it grows so fast that some people joke you could sit and watch it grow right before your eyes!

How do we make our bamboo toilet paper?

To make our bamboo toilet paper, we had to start by finding a supplier that grows bamboo in a way that doesn't harm the forests. They have to use land that wasn't cut down just to plant bamboo. Once the bamboo is big and ready, the process of turning it into toilet paper is pretty straightforward and eco-friendly.

Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

We begin by turning the bamboo plants into something like mush (we call it "pulp"). Then, we press this pulp into giant rolls of paper. These big rolls are later cut into smaller rolls for us to use in our bathrooms. The cool thing is that we don't use any bleach or harmful chemicals in this process. And any leftover water from making the toilet paper is treated and reused, so nothing goes to waste! It's all about keeping things clean and green.

What makes bamboo toilet paper eco-friendly

Bamboo toilet paper is way better for our planet compared to regular wood-based toilet paper. Here's why – first off, growing and harvesting bamboo is much gentler on the environment. Bamboo grows super fast, and once we chop it down, it just grows back. That means we don't need as much land and water as we do for trees. Plus, we don't need to use any icky stuff like pesticides or extra nutrients.

Another cool fact about bamboo is that it sucks up double the amount of carbon compared to trees, and it gives us 30% more oxygen. So, just by using bamboo toilet paper, you're already helping the planet breathe better.

Now, the process of turning the bamboo plant into toilet paper is also much cleaner. Regular toilet paper made from trees uses tons of water and yucky chemicals like chlorine to make it look white and feel soft. In contrast, our bamboo toilet paper is made using very little water, and we don't use any of those harmful chemicals. We keep things clean and simple. As you could see, compared to regular wood-based toilet paper, it's a more sustainable choice all around. And when you consider bamboo vs recycled toilet paper, bamboo still stands out as a more environmentally responsible option.

Home delivery – bamboo toilet paper at your doorstep

And the best part? We make it super convenient for you. Our bamboo toilet paper is delivered right to your doorstep. But we don't stop at that – we care about the environment, too. All our shipments are "climate compensated," which means we take extra steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, our toilet paper comes in eco-friendly packaging that's Cradle-to-Cradle certified and made from stone paper. So, you get top-quality toilet paper without harming the planet.

Agood Toilet Paper Made from Bamboo
agood company Bamboo Toilet Paper

Is our bamboo toilet paper compostable?

Yes, our bamboo toilet paper is totally compostable. That means when you're done with it, you can throw it into your compost bin, and it will break down naturally, just like food scraps. It's a fantastic way to reduce waste and give back to the earth. Also, agood company's bamboo toilet paper will decompose naturally in the water. That's another eco-friendly point for bamboo toilet paper! So, not only are you saving trees, but you're also making a choice that's kind to our planet in more ways than one.

Affordable and sustainable – bamboo toilet paper price comparison

Now, let's talk about the cost. Our bamboo toilet paper is just €1.125 per roll, and each roll has a generous 350 sheets. That means each sheet costs you only €0.003, which is super affordable. It's 3-ply, super soft, and naturally antibacterial, making it top-notch quality. And the best part? It's actually cheaper per sheet than most toilet papers you'll find in the supermarket. Plus, one roll will last a family of four for about two and a half months, so you won't have to keep buying it all the time. It's a great deal for both your wallet and the planet!

One Roll of a Toilet Paper

Final thoughts

Choosing bamboo toilet paper is like making a little change that helps our planet in a big way. While regular toilet paper relies on trees that take eons to grow, bamboo shoots up like it's in a race against time. Bamboo grows incredibly fast and it's definitely the sprinter of the plant world! Besides, bamboo gobbles up carbon like it's at an all-you-can-eat buffet and serves up extra oxygen. Talk about a green thumbs-up!


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