The Environmental Impact and Role of B Corps

The Environmental Impact and Role of B Corps

29 Mar 2023

In today's world, it's all about the triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit.

And what better way to make sure you're hitting all three than by becoming a B Corp?

These businesses are setting a high bar for environmental responsibility, making sure their impact on Mother Nature is a gentle breeze, not a hurricane. So, let's explore the ways B Corps are making a positive impact on our environment and see what we can all learn from their eco-friendly ways.

B Corps are companies that are taking a different approach to business.

Instead of solely focusing on profit, they recognize that there is a need to balance the interests of their stakeholders, including not just shareholders but employees, customers, and the environment. This triple-bottom-line approach means that B Corps are considering the impact of their actions not just on their bottom line, but also on people and the planet.

B Corp certification is awarded to companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. To become a B Corp, a company must undergo a rigorous certification process and an assessment of its impact on a range of stakeholders, including workers, customers, the community, and the environment.

This certification process ensures that B Corps are held to a high standard and are transparent about their impact.

The result of this certification process is a network of businesses that are creating positive change in the world. B Corps are leading the way in sustainable business practices, demonstrating that it is possible to be both financially successful and socially responsible. They are setting an example for future generations and other companies to follow, and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business.

Overview of B corps and why they are important?

A certified B Corporation (or “B Corp”) is a company that has been certified by the nonprofit organisation B Lab as having met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Becoming a B Corp certified means making a commitment to long-term sustainability through responsible business practices that benefit all stakeholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment.

B Lab works with businesses around the world to help them become certified as B Corporations through its B corp agreement.

To be eligible for certification, companies must complete B Impact Assessment (BIA) and meet high standards for social and environmental performance. The standards are developed independently and cover a company's impact in key areas, including Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

B Lab notes it is rare for a company to receive 80 points or higher on their first assessment, and most companies will need to spend further time improving their score, which can be done by using the built-in tools on the BIA. The goal is to create companies that attain financial profitability and are purpose-driven.

What is B-corp?

A B Corp is a type of for-profit business that is legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on its stakeholders, including workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, in addition to its shareholders. B Corps are certified by the non-profit organisation B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

A B corporation also needs to create value through customer loyalty and employee engagement initiatives to honour its commitment towards stakeholders' interests. B Corps aim to balance the pursuit of profit with a positive impact on society and the environment, and provide a new model for business that prioritizes the well-being of all stakeholders.

B corp v/s traditional corporation

When it comes to doing business, there are two paths one can take: the traditional route of maximizing profits at any cost, or the increasingly popular route of becoming a B Corp.

But what exactly sets B Corps apart from traditional corporations?

Traditional corporations, also known as C Corps, have long been the dominant players in the business world. Their sole focus is on maximizing profits for their shareholders. But what about the impact on the environment, or the well-being of employees and communities? That's just a side effect, unfortunately. B Corps are legally bound to consider the impact of their actions on not only their shareholders, but also their employees, customers, community, and the environment.

Another key difference is the level of transparency and accountability required of B Corps.

In order to receive B Corp certification, companies must undergo a rigorous assessment process, including a review of their environmental and social impact, governance practices, and supply chain management. They are then held to these standards through ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements. This level of transparency and accountability sets B Corps apart from traditional corporations, which may not have the same level of scrutiny and may not be held to the same high standards of sustainability and responsibility.

In addition, B Corps also have access to a supportive community of like-minded businesses through B Lab, the non-profit organization that certifies B Corps. This network provides resources and opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, helping B Corps to continue to improve their social and environmental impact.

What is B corp certification?

According to the definition by B lab:

“Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose''.

B Corp certification is designed to recognize companies that are making a positive impact in the world and balancing the interests of all their stakeholders.

The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment of a company's practices and policies, including its governance, worker treatment, impact on the local community, and environmental impact. This assessment is based on a set of rigorous standards developed by B Lab, and companies must meet or exceed these standards in order to receive B Corp certification.

By becoming a B Corp, companies are demonstrating their commitment to creating positive change in the world and leading the way in sustainable business practices. B Corps are held to a high standard and are transparent about their impact, which helps to build trust with consumers and other stakeholders. Additionally, being a B Corp provides companies with access to a community of like-minded businesses, resources, and support from B Lab, and opportunities to collaborate and drive positive change.

What are the Steps to becoming a certified B corp Company?

The B Corp certification process is designed to assess a company's impact on a range of stakeholders, including workers, customers, the community, and the environment. This comprehensive assessment is based on a set of rigorous standards developed by B Lab and covers a range of areas, including governance, workers, customers, community, and environment.

  • To become a B Corp, a company must complete the certification process and meet or exceed the legal requirements set by B Lab. The process begins with an online self-assessment that covers a range of topics, including a company's governance structure, worker treatment, impact on the community, and environmental practices.

  • After the self-assessment, B Lab will review the company's answers and may request additional information or clarification. If the company meets the minimum requirements, it will then be required to provide more detailed information on its impact and practices through an in-depth verification process. This process may include site visits, interviews with stakeholders, employee recruitment process, members of the local community in which the business operates and independent reviews of the company's data and information.

Once the certification process is complete, B Lab will make a final determination on the company's eligibility status. If a company meets the standards, it will receive B Corp certification and be recognized as a company that is committed to balancing profit, people, and the planet.

Importance of B corp certification

The concept of B Corps, has only recently been taken up by business owners and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world. But despite its relatively new status, there's no denying the impact that this type of corporate structure can have on both the local economy and society as a whole.
According to GfK's Consumer Life Global report 2022

73% of global consumers think it is important that companies take environmentally responsible actions, and
36% of global consumers will select one brand over another specifically because it supports a cause they believe in.
This shows:

Consumers are increasingly demanding that companies do more than just make profits; B Corp certification shows that your business is listening.

Here are just some of the reasons why B Corps are so important:

  • Doing Good for Society: At its core, a B Corp is a company that looks beyond just profit. It seeks to create social change with their work and takes into account how their actions affect not just customers but also people in the wider community. This often leads to businesses making more socially responsible decisions, such as investing more in disadvantaged communities or providing better working conditions for employees.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Many businesses operating under the B Corp model strive to become carbon neutral or take other steps to reduce their environmental impact. Companies may invest in renewable energy sources or recycle materials more efficiently, all while aiming to achieve zero-waste status along the way.

  • Building Consumer Confidence: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and social issues and want businesses to be held accountable for their practices. By obtaining certification from a reliable third-party organization like B Lab, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability without having to make promises they can't keep. As such, consumers know that these companies can be trusted when it comes time to purchase goods and services from them.

  • Strengthening Local Economies: Studies have shown that small businesses owned by locally-minded entrepreneurs are essential for providing stability within an economy. These small business owners opt for local suppliers whenever possible and ensure money circulates within a smaller area rather than going elsewhere externally. With the help of benefit corporations, these same principles can be applied on an even larger scale with multinationals setting up shop in cities around the world whilst never forgetting their local roots.

The environmental impact and role of B corps:

1. Focused on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint

B Corps are dedicated to creating positive change in the world and reducing their impact on the environment. This focus is reflected in the way they operate their businesses, manage their supply chains, and offer products that are environmentally responsible.

B Corps are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and conserving resources. By working in partnership with other organizations and lobbying governments on behalf of their members, B Corps can help ensure that policies are enacted that will properly address our changing climate situation.This commitment helps to reduce the overall impact of business on the environment and promote sustainability.

2. Global culture shift to green initiatives:

According to sustainibility trend report by itonics:

''One million plastic bottles are bought every minute or about 20,000 per second - around the globe.''

This staggering fact highlights the urgent need for green initiatives to tackle environmental issues. B Corp certified companies are leading the charge, with a strong commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. By reducing plastic waste, promoting recycling, and using renewable energy sources, B Corps are helping to mitigate the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the planet. With their focus on social and environmental impact, B Corps are driving positive change and setting an example for businesses worldwide to follow.

Additionally, by requiring certain sustainability practices, B Corps can help create an industry-wide shift towards greater environmental responsibility. They are working to change the way that business is done and to create a more sustainable future for all.

3. Positive impact on the environment

B Corps are making a positive impact on the environment in a variety of ways. For example, agood company is committed to using environmentally responsible materials and production methods, focused on using sustainable materials to create their products.

4. Commitment to transparency

Another way that B Corps benefit the environment is through their commitment to transparency. The certification requires companies to report on their social and environmental performance regularly so that stakeholders know exactly how their company is performing environmentally. In order to meet the transparency requirement for B Corp Certification, the company needs to publish their public profile in the B Corp Directory, including company's score and impact report. This level of information allows customers and stakeholders to make informed decisions about the products or services they purchase from B Corps, which helps create accountability for businesses when it comes to taking action on climate change.

5. Adaptation of new technologies to comply with sustainable development

B Corps have set industry standards for sustainability, leading to greater transparency and accountability from businesses. Becoming a B Corp is a signal that the company values social and environmental issues. There are new technologies that can help businesses comply with sustainability requirements. For Example:

  • Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal can help businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels

  • Smart meter technology can help businesses monitor energy usage and track resource consumption.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help businesses identify areas of inefficiency and optimize operations.

  • Automation technology can help businesses with tasks that require high levels of precision and accuracy.

  • Recycling programs can help businesses recycle materials such as paper, plastic, and glass.

Overall, B Corps are focused on sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment. They are leading the way in promoting sustainability through advocacy and education and are making a positive impact on the environment through their operations, supply chain practices, and product offerings. These companies demonstrate that it is possible to balance profit, people, and the planet, and are creating a more sustainable future for all.

Social and environmental performance of B corps to attain sustainable development

More businesses today are looking to make a social and environmental impact as part of their overall mission. B Corps, or Benefit Corporations, are companies that have been certified by a third-party assessor and have made commitments to adhere to higher standards of social and environmental performance.There are various aspects of the social and environmental performance of B Corps, from their efforts in energy conservation to their work in engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Energy conservation measures

B Corps have implemented several energy conservation measures in order to meet sustainability requirements set out by the certification body. These include using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power; using smart meter technology to track resource consumption; automating certain processes; and participating in recycling programs. By reducing its overall resource consumption, a B Corp can reduce its carbon footprint while still maintaining production levels.

Engaging stakeholders

In addition to focusing on energy conservation measures, B Corps also place an emphasis on engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways. They often host events such as workshops and seminars that bring together experts in the field of sustainability with members of local communities or investors who are interested in learning more about sustainable practices. This helps ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of what is expected when it comes to meeting sustainability requirements.

Measuring impact

Finally, some B Corps use metrics such as the Environmental Impact Score (EIS) or Corporate Impact Score (CIS) to measure their social and environmental performance over time. Through these metrics, firms are focused on continuous improvement and can track changes in areas such as pollution emissions or labor rights violations so they can make any necessary adjustments along the way.

The goal is for successful B Corps to achieve positive outcomes for both people and planet alike through improved operations aligned with sustainability goals and principles.


From Mindless consumption to conscious consumer: agood company. Join the Good fight. 

One such company that embodies the principles of B Corps is agood company. Agood company was founded in 2019 with a global movement from mindless consumption to conscious consumerism. We are committed to using business as a force to redefine success and to create a positive impact on the world through sustainable business practices. By adhering to B Corp standards, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to balancing profit, people, and the planet.

From energy conservation efforts to meaningful stakeholder engagement, agood company takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability and social responsibility. Our B Corp certification serves as a symbol of our leadership in these areas and our commitment to creating a better future for all.

Our company is dedicated to creating a positive social and environmental impact. We have achieved certification as a B Corp in the first year of our launch and have committed ourselves to adhering to higher standards of sustainability performance.

At agood Company, we understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and are committed to doing our part in promoting sustainability. Our energy conservation measures are aimed at reducing our resource consumption and carbon footprint, all while maintaining production levels. By utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power, we are making a conscious effort to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Additionally, our use of smart meter technology helps us track our resource consumption and make informed decisions about our energy usage. Automation of certain processes also helps us to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. Finally, our participation in recycling programs ensures that we are doing our part to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

We believe that it is not enough to just reduce our impact on the environment. We also strive to engage with stakeholders in meaningful ways to promote sustainability and share our commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Whether it is hosting events to bring together experts and members of the community, or using metrics such as the ISO1401 and ISO9001 to measure our progress over time, we are always looking for ways to make a positive difference. You can read more about agood company certifications.



Our material sourcing philosophy is simple: if Mother Nature can't replenish it, we won't use it. We believe that sustainable sourcing is key to preserving the planet and its resources for generations to come. So, we take extra care in selecting only the best and most sustainable materials to use in our products. From sourcing FSC-certified wood to using recycled materials,we're on a mission to minimize our environmental impact one product at a time. In short, we're a company that thinks green and acts even greener!

At agood company, we don't just sell products, we sell purpose. And, boy, do we have a lot of purpose!

With every no plastic phone case, stone paper notebook ,recycled steel bottle, or clothing item purchased, our customers aren't just treating themselves to a touch of luxury, they're treating the world to a whole lotta love.

At agood company, we are proud to be leading the way in socially responsible business practices. Our partnerships with organizations like the Malala Fund, charity: water, DaysforGirls, Weforest, Globalfirstresponders, and Save the Children allow us to make a tangible, positive impact on the world with every purchase.

By purchasing one of our stone paper notebooks, bottles, or pens, our customers are helping to provide clean, safe water to those in need. Our toilet paper subscription helps tackle period poverty. Our dental products also support humanitarian efforts in developing countries, and our clothing items make a real difference in the lives of children in need by providing emergency food kits.

At agood company, we believe that business can be a force for good, and we're honored to be able to make a positive impact with every sale. So go ahead, buy a little happiness and spread some joy, because at agood company, shopping with a conscience has never looked so good! And, as a certified B Corp, we're not just making the world a better place today, we're building a better future for generations to come.


In conclusion, B Corps are revolutionising the business world by taking a triple-bottom line approach to balancing profit, people, and the planet. Through their focus on sustainability, transparency, and accountability, B Corps are demonstrating that it is possible to run a successful business while also having a positive impact on the world.

As B Corps continue to grow and thrive, they are setting an example for other businesses to follow, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business. This movement towards a more sustainable and responsible business model is critical for the future of our planet, and we all dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

By choosing to do business with B Corps, we can help to promote this trend, and contribute to a future in which all businesses are held to a higher standard of social and environmental responsibility. With the continued growth of B Corps, we can look forward to a future in which business is a force for good, and where profit, people, and the planet are all valued equally.


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