Protective phone cases 2020

Protective phone cases 2020

13 May 2020

What is a protective phone case?

The earliest mobile phones had no need for protective cases as they were so bulky they could barely be called mobile phones at all! Over time phones have become smaller, more fragile, and more expensive, so the need has arisen to provide an extra layer of protection against any unfortunate escapades.

How do they work?

Phone cases are designed to absorb the shock of any impact your phone may encounter with hard surfaces and also provide protection against scratching. As accidents are unplanned, the most effective cases cover the corners, edges, and back of your phone.

How often is a phone dropped?

It’s thought that the average person will drop their phone on average around seven times a year. Almost half of the phones broken from drops aren’t repaired, so by protecting your phone you’re doing yourself and the environment a service.

Recommendations for buying a protective phone case

There are a lot of options out there, so here are a few things to consider when choosing your ideal case.

  • Compatibility- is the phone case the right size for your phone, will it interfere with functions like wireless charging or inserting headphones? If you’re unsure, check with the manufacturer.
  • Protection- How much protection do you need and will the case protect your phone and screen from those hair-raising drops? A case covering the corners, edges and back of your phone is your best bet. A good way of gauging protective robustness is by reading product reviews online or those left by previous customers.
  • Usability - phone cases add extra bulk to your phone so might make it harder to grip or fit into your pocket. Also, are there any other useful features you might require, like a kickstand for example?
  • Environmental impact - making and disposing of phone cases has an environmental impact too. Many options are plastic-based and made in factories with low environmental and ethical standards. Our plant-based mobile case is made in Sweden from a blend of hemp, flax, cellulose, and PLA, combined with biodegradable PBAT. Our factory in Sweden runs on solar power when it's sunny and switches to hydroelectricity in the winter, which means it operates with minimal carbon emissions all year round. This makes our production super efficient and eco-friendly, ensuring that our entire process, including our biodegradable products, is in harmony with nature.
  • Style - perhaps the last thing to consider but there’s no harm in looking nice, as long as any styling doesn’t impact the above.

Check out our assortment of plant-based phone cases.

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