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30 Jan 2023

Some work out of their vehicles; in a truck at a job site, out of a company car meeting clients, or even driving a car as a “side gig.” People bring laptops to coffee shops, have conference calls in pajamas, and answer email at the beach. Lately, shared workspaces have been popping up so people can recreate traditional office environments. All this is to say, people are working all over the place.

Modern office supplies need to be just as versatile - durable, well designed, and there when you need them. Office supplies from agood company are all those things and more. Everything we sell is eco-friendly. We search the world for sustainably sourced materials and design products around minimising their environmental impact while maximising their potential use.

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Writing in the Stone Paper Notebook

The environmental impact of conventional office supplies

Before we dive into the world of eco-friendly office supplies, it's important to know how regular office supplies can harm the environment. The typical office items we use are often made from materials that hurt the Earth. Here are some of the main problems with regular office supplies:

Paper waste

Making regular paper causes deforestation, which means cutting down a lot of trees. It also needs a lot of water, which can be wasteful. When we throw away paper, it piles up in landfills and releases harmful gases like methane into the air.

Plastic waste

Many things in the office, like pens, folders, and organizers, are made from plastic that doesn't break down easily. When we don't dispose of these items properly, they can stay in the environment for hundreds of years.

High energy use

Some of the machines and lights we use in the office consume a lot of energy. This isn't good because it adds more pollution to the air.

Harmful chemicals

Some office supplies, like ink, glue, and cleaning products, contain chemicals that can be bad for the environment and our health.

In simpler terms, our regular office supplies can harm nature in different ways, like cutting down too many trees, using too much water, creating plastic waste that doesn't go away, and using lots of energy.

Why we don’t believe in one use

People have more than one use. We think products should as well. Nothing we sell is made to be thrown away. We believe if you take care of the things you use, they will take care of you. All our products can be recycled or composted so when the time comes to say goodbye it is goodbye. This starts with our refusal to shrink wrap our products.

Take a look at our mobile device cable. When we first started to design the mobile cable, we had three requirements: It should work with multiple devices, have no useless and annoying packaging, and be made from recycled materials.

Our mobile cable has USB-C, lightning, and Micro-USB. It is made only from recycled material and braided with a ballistic nylon covering which keeps it secure and prevents fraying even with intense use. It ships with a lifetime warranty.

Multi-Charging Cable agood company
Multi Charging Cable Made from Recycled Materials

Whether you work at a desk, on the road, or in the air it’s the perfect companion. Did we mention that you can bend it over 13,000 times before it starts to show any wear? After the iPhone XXVII comes out you can ship the cable back and we’ll take care of recycling.

agood bottle - a greener way to hydrate and socialise

Chatting by the office cooler is different. For one thing, the office cooler isn’t just a 5-gallon bubbler near the elevators anymore.It’s also a cooler on the back of a truck. Or just a bottle within arms reach.

That’s why we created agood bottle. It’s available in a variety of colors, will last you at least a decade, and by using it you’ll NOT be using over 100 disposable plastic bottles a year. (That’s what the average person uses - one plastic bottle every few days). It’s fully insulated and will keep drinks piping hot for a day and ice-cold for twice that.

agood company bottle white office
Freedom agood company Bottle

Fill it up at the cooler instead of using those throw away paper cones. You’ll still get your dose of gossip with none of the paper trash. Instead of drinking from a one-use plastic bottle that potentially sticks around for 450 years or more use our stainless steel container. It is durable enough to handle whatever you throw at it while being safe for you - it's non-allergenic - and the environment. It just makes sense, and remember, reusable water bottles help reduce plastic waste.

Eco-friendly office supplies from agood company

Our stone paper notebooks, diaries, and natural grass pens are great additions to your workspace no matter where that space happens to be - even if it’s a wet environment. We offer a variety of options, including hardcover stone paper notebooks and softcover stone paper notebooks, convenient A6 pocket stone paper notebooks, as well as eco-friendly natural grass pencils and pens. If you happen to run out of ink, don't worry – we offer non-SVHC ink refills, ensuring your eco-friendly writing tools can keep serving you well while reducing waste. Choose the right fit for your needs and make your workspace more environmentally friendly.

Stone Paper Notebook Black
Office Supplies from agood company
Pomegranate Red Stone Paper Notebook

Biodegradable phone cases

In addition to our eco-friendly office supplies, we're delighted to introduce our biodegradable phone cases. Made from sustainable materials, these cases provide a natural fit for your eco-conscious office and beyond.

Our biodegradable phone cases offer more than just protection for your device. They seamlessly align with your commitment to responsible consumption and waste reduction, even while you're on the go. These cases break down naturally over time, leaving no harmful trace on the environment. So, whether you're in your office or out and about, you can continue to make a positive impact on the planet. It's all part of our mission to help you create a more sustainable workspace and extend those eco-friendly choices wherever you go.

Vista Blue Biodegradable Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro Max
Vista Blue No Plastic Compostable Phone Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Share your eco-friendly office product ideas with us

Do you have an idea for an office product that’s both useful and good for the planet? Feel free to share your idea, and someone from our design team will review it and come back with feedback. We believe in working together to create responsible solutions to customer needs and the needs of our planet.


To sum it up, at agood company, we're committed to providing you with eco-friendly office supplies that adapt to the ever-changing work landscape. Our mission is to make products that last, so you get the most out of them while reducing your environmental footprint. None of our products are made to be thrown away. They can be recycled or composted when it's time to say goodbye. Plus, we don't use extra plastic packaging.

We believe that sustainability and practicality can go hand in hand, and we're here to support you in creating a more environmentally conscious and efficient workspace. So, whether you're working at a traditional desk, on the go, or in unconventional locations, we've got you covered with office essentials that are both useful and good for the planet. Join us in this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future for your office and the world.

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