Edible Crayons

Edible Crayons

16 Feb 2019

Our crayons are expensive.

It’s something that we realize and there’s no way to get around the fact that you might be thinking, “$27 for a box of crayons? Are they crazy?!”

We aren’t crazy and here’s what we’re thinking, straight from the NIH:

"Crayons are among widely used substances, especially by children. Even if we take our children to a restaurant in western countries such as USA, the first thing they get on the table is a set of crayons. Although in general they are not toxic and are less messy than some of other art materials, they can have varying levels of lead contamination."

Our crayons do not contain lead

Also, crayons shouldn’t contain asbestos - a fibrous substance that with sufficient exposure causes cancer and a host of other terrible maladies.

Our crayons certainly do not contain asbestos

Instead of harmful ingredients (they don’t even contain plastic) what our crayons do have is 13 vibrant colors. Just thirteen colors? With a bit of water and a little knowledge of color theory they can be mixed and blended into nearly any color you could possibly want. Also, how fun is it to hunt through a box of 64 or more crayons just to not find yellow? Instead, you usually settle for a yellow-like crayon with a nonsensical name like Oleander Sunshine.

How are our crayons made?

We’re glad you asked. Our crayons are made by a family-owned crayon company that has been in the crayon business for over 60 years. Meet the Crayon Factory. We can guarantee that these are some of the safest and earth-friendly crayons you can buy because the crayon factory makes everything for their crayons in-house. They mix the waxes and pigments that give our crayons their vibrant color. They melt that mix and pour it into high-precision molds that they made and cool it with water (well, they didn’t make that but it does come from a good source). That’s how the Crayon Factory makes crayons that are fun to use and friendly to the environment. Their technique produces a crayon you almost want to eat.

And you could.

Safe for curious babies and children (adults too)

While eating a crayon is certainly not something you should do our crayons are edible so it is something you could do. We’re not saying to place one of our crayons next to your salt and pepper shaker. But, kids being kids, chances are at some point for some reason one will contemplate whether or not to place a crayon inside his or her mouth and maybe even give it a chew. Adults do this mental exercise too. While crayon poisoning is rare, it has been known to occur but we can say with utmost confidence that our crayons will never poison you.

Those are just a few of the reasons our crayons are priced the way they are. We would like to make them less expensive but we hope our explanation helped you understand why they cost more than you’re used to.

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