8 Sustainable Home Working Essentials

8 Sustainable Home Working Essentials

30 Jan 2023

Remote working has been a growing trend for a number of years now. By 2025 it’s estimated 70% of Americans will work remotely at least five days of the month.

Whether camped out in a local cafe or sitting pretty at home, these sustainable office supplies are remote working essentials that help protect the planet too.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

herman miller chair

Step one of building your home office: get a proper chair. This stylish number from Herman Miller is made from 46% recycled materials and an impressive 93% of it can be recycled. They took an ‘every molecule counts’ approach to design that uses as little material as possible, and it’s also made in a state of the art factory that runs on clean energy

Taking inspiration from a high performance running shoe, it’s responsive and highly adjustable for your needs. You back and the planet will thank you.

Shop here.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

bamboo standing desk

Now you have your chair sorted it’s time for a desk. From an ergonomic perspective, a standing desk is a game-changer. Experts recommend standing for at least 15-minutes every hour to help with back pain and lower the risk of heart disease. It can also help reset blood sugar levels after eating, warding off the post-lunch slump.

Fully uses one of our favourite materials, bamboo, to make its award-winning adjustable sit-stand desk. The bamboo is organic and sourced from sustainable forests. Nice. Like us, Fully are a certified B Corp too.

Shop here.

A Good Notebook

Stone paper notebooks are a dream to write on. No grain direction results in a silky-smooth writing experience. “Doh! I’ve split coffee all over my notes.” Don’t worry! Stone paper is waterproof, so you can just wipe it off and your notes are saved.

Leftover stone is made into paper using no water or chemicals in a process that runs on clean energy. It’s one of the cleanest processes we know. Trees can stay in the ground and ecosystems are kept free of the pollutants that run-off from regular paper mills. The hardest choice to make is which colour.

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A Good Natural Grass Pen

The problem with most inexpensive pens is that they’re made of plastic and designed to be disposed of when the ink runs dry. A Good Meadow Grass Pen reduces the amount of plastic used by 80%, by replacing it with meadow grass that grows naturally adjacent the factory. The barrel will last for years and it can be refilled again and again. A pen to be proud of.

Shop here.

A Nice Plant

There are so many benefits to plants. They look good, smell good and clean the air around us. They become friends and calmly listen to all your grumblings. Studies have shown that indoor plants help to boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, and reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. The most sustainable way to buy new plants (remember everything has a footprint, even plants) is exchanging unwanted plants, cuttings, and seedlings at plant swaps. This minimises shipping miles and excess packaging. We also love these pots made from recycled materials.

A Good Bottle

Tired of having to sip lukewarm and rewarmed tea or coffee? A Good Bottle has got you. It keeps drinks warm for 24 hours and cold for 48. Made from premium quality recycled Swedish steel, it’s lightweight, durable and dishwasher friendly. Great for in the office or on the move.

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Herman Miller Flute Lamp

herman miller flute lamp

Whilst natural light is important, having extra illumination is sometimes necessary, especially if you’re a night owl. Herman Miller’s Flute Lamp can pump out 200 lumens of warm, non-blue light from super-efficient LEDs. It costs less than a coffee cup to use if for a whole year. It’s designed to last 24 years with no need to change the bulb and is made from 37% recycled materials. After use, 85% can be recycled.

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3M Recycled Post-its

Despite all the digital design and planning tools available to us, sometimes nothing quite beats a sticky note. Like us, you might be one of those people that will stick one to your monitor or laptop so you just can’t forget that important task. Most creative teams still use them for brainstorming and mapping out information architectures (whatever they are). After some (extensive) research, it’s been found that 3M recycled post-its notes come out best for stickiness, smell, price and sustainability.

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Osco Desk Organiser

bamboo desk organiser

“Tidy desk, tidy mind”, as they say. Keep your desk, and thinking, ordered with a bamboo desk organiser made from sustainably harvested bamboo. Bamboo is actually a type of grass. It grows quickly, can be re-harvested multiple times, absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees and pumps out more oxygen. It’d also light, attractive and durable. We like what Osco have done with it here.

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