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10 Reasons to live a more climate positive lifestyle

04 Jun 2023

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact your daily choices have on our planet? It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis, but here's the good news: you have the power to make a difference! In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey of discovery and show you why living a climate-positive lifestyle is not only important but also incredibly rewarding. From saving the planet to improving your own quality of life, these ten reasons will inspire you to take action and become a climate hero in your everyday life.

Here’s our top ten, but we’re sure there are loads more!

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Stop global warming

Since the 19th century, the average global temperature has risen by 1C. This is down to the emission of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane. It’s predicted that at current rates we’ll have reached our carbon budget by 2035. This means the global temperatures will exceed the 2C warming limit set by scientists and the consequences for humanity and the natural world will be severe.

Lower the risk of extreme weather events

Global warming has been linked with the increased likelihood and intensity of extreme weather such as droughts, floods and hurricanes. For example, the wildfires that ravaged Australia at the beginning of 2020 were 30 per cent more likely as a result of record warmth and dryness.

Bushfires in Australia Due to Climate Change and Global Warming

These extreme weather events can be very dangerous and damaging to our environment and communities. We need to take action to reduce global warming by using less fossil fuels, protecting our forests, and using energy-efficient technologies. It's important for all of us to work together to combat climate change and keep our planet safe for future generations.

Protect biodiversity

It’s been estimated that since 1970 a staggering 60% of wild animal and plant species have been wiped out. This can be attributed to increased pressure on natural habitats from human consumption and climate change. As well as being desperately sad, preserving biodiversity is important for our own continued survival as a species. It is like protecting a big puzzle where each animal and plant is a piece. The more pieces we lose, the harder it is to understand and balance the Earth's ecosystems.

Protecting Biodiversity

Protect our oceans

Protecting our oceans is crucial for maintaining a healthy planet. These vast bodies of water play a vital role in combating climate change by absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), helping to stabilise the Earth's temperature. However, this absorption process leads to ocean acidification, which harms precious marine ecosystems like coral reefs. These reefs not only provide a home for diverse marine life but also act as natural barriers, protecting our coastlines from the destructive forces of ocean waves.

Thus, it's essential to take action to preserve and safeguard our oceans for the well-being of both our environment and communities.

Ensure a stable food supply

Ensure a stable food supply is crucial for feeding the growing global population. The effects of global warming, namely extreme weather events and decreased biodiversity, will majorly disrupt food production. Problems include extreme weather harming livestock and crops, water scarcity, wildfires, more pests, and fewer pollinators. To address these challenges, we must adopt sustainable farming practices, protect natural habitats, and invest in climate-resilient crop varieties.

Preserve natural resources

Recycling and using less water and energy are climate positive activities with the added benefit that they also preserve natural resources and the habitats from which they’re extracted. By reducing waste and reusing materials, we can help ensure that our planet's valuable resources, like trees, minerals, and clean water, are available for future generations to enjoy. This way, we can protect the homes of animals and plants too. Opting for sustainable alternatives such as stone paper or bamboo products can further contribute to the conservation of natural resources while minimising environmental impact.

Bamboo Forest

Help create a fairer world

Unfortunately, the people that will be worst affected by climate change are those in developing countries. This has lead experts coining the term “climate apartheid” to describe the disparity between those who can pay to escape heat, hunger and catastrophe, and those who can’t. It’s up those with the power to make a change to do so in order to save the lives of those less fortunate. Through our collective commitment to embracing sustainable solutions, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and extending a helping hand to marginalised communities, we can unite to build a world where everyone gets a fair shot at a better future.

Save money

Living a more climate-positive lifestyle will also positively impact your personal finances. Consuming less and being more energy-efficient will save you money in the short term. Plus, reducing your carbon footprint can lead to lower utility bills, less spending on fossil fuels, and fewer repairs due to extreme weather events caused by climate change. This not only benefits your wallet today - it will ensure economic prosperity in the longer term too.


Climate positive activities such as active travel (cycling, walking etc) have the added benefit of boosting personal fitness and also improving air quality for everyone. What’s more, it’s generally thought that moving away from mindless consumption, known as conscious consumerism, learning to live with less and appreciating what we have is beneficial for mental health too.

Knowing you’re having a positive impact on the world

Everyone who changes their lifestyle to be more climate positive is basically a superhero because they’re helping toward creating a more healthy, sustainable and prosperous planet for all life. You go guys! Your small actions today can lead to big changes tomorrow, making our world a better place for generations to come.

Final thoughts

Let's sum up why living a climate-friendly life makes sense in a straightforward way. Think of it like this: it's similar to saving money for your future.

When you save money, you're not only being responsible, but you're also securing your financial well-being down the road. Living in a climate-positive way works the same. When you make choices like using less energy, cutting down on waste, and supporting clean energy, you're investing in a better future for yourself and everyone else. It's like putting money in a savings account – those little contributions lead to a big payoff in the end.

So, as you go about your day, remember that living a climate-positive life isn't just about saving the planet; it's about making your life better too.

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