How we found it

For those that want to customize their stone paper notebooks, agood company offers the option to personalize them with an embossed logotype or name.

That embossing is done by a small print shop in Tallinn, Estonia. As we were looking for a partner to do this, we wanted one that was in close proximity to our distribution centre to avoid unnecessary transport.

The print shop we found is a lovely family-owned business started by Mr. Rein Rebane (which means Fox in Estonian), in 1998. When the print-shop was first started, it was pretty much a one-man show. Mr. Rebane had a big vision but limited resources, and initially did everything by himself - sales, printing, deliveries and sending out invoices. Today, Rein’s young and ambitious son Rait is the company’s CEO, and he continues to lead the firm with the same core values as his father.

The process and way of working

We visited the shop on a cloudy day in late October 2018, and inside the shop, things were buzzing with motions and noise everywhere -- people, paper and loud machines all combine to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

For the embossing of our journals, we decided, after a lot of experimenting, to use the oldest machine in the shop, from 2007. At this particular section of the print shop, plates are made by hand and saved in shelves for years. We believe the machine is just gorgeous and produces flawless results.

About the owner

Mr Rein Rebane, the owner and founder of the print shop, is a big man with a big vision. Any conversations with him, are guaranteed to lead to new great ideas. When you come by, he will always welcome you with a cup of coffee, Estonian candy and a great joke!

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