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An hour’s train ride away from Seoul, the small town of Dongducheon nestles against the forested and mist-covered slopes of Soyosan Mountain. The town not only hosts Korea’s yearly Maple Festival, showcasing Korean traditional music and calligraphy. It’s also home to the Glue Factory, which since the 1970s prides itself on neverending innovation to decrease its footprint on the planet.

How we found it

It intrigued us when partners in Korea told us about a glue supplier who worked with environmental consciousness as its North Star. And we were delighted when we finally met them. The Glue Factory maintains its eco-friendly production processes at every step of the way and they are as passionate about conserving energy and using sustainable materials as they are about making glues of the highest quality.

The process and way of working

In close collaboration with agood company, The Glue Factory produces glue sticks that are perfect for any arts and crafts projects. They dry quickly, don't crinkle paper and come in an assortment of inspiring colours. On top of that, they’re eco-friendly, which is all anyone could ask for.

About the owner

The Glue Factory is family-owned, and well known in the area for treating its employees well. This goes hand in hand with their overall sustainable approach to production. Workers laid down the factory's cornerstone in 1969, a year that marked the end of the series of skirmishes known as the Korean DMZ Conflict. Still, tensions between North and South Korea are never far from the surface in Dongducheon, which houses a U.S. military base since 1952.

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