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The Story

The usual suspects (or components) in the making of frames come from a multitude of different countries. If you look at a standard frame, the different pieces are often a patchwork of outer frames from one country, the glass or plastic front shield from a second and the backboard from a third. That’s a lot of shipping.

We went into this project with one thought in mind; let’s find a way to replace the patchwork with locally made components. We were thrilled when we found the Frames factory, with it’s 30 year tradition of making expertly crafted wooden frames, made from FSC-certified oak and pine.

How we found it

When we began circling in on Estonia for the location of our very own poster factory, true to our standards, we decided that we wanted to keep the Frame factory in Estonia as well, to ensure a minimal amount of emissions due to transportation.

When we finally found this factory, it was such a great fit. Not only did the owners align 100% with us on environmental innovation, but it was within a 40 minute train ride to the Poster factory and our European distribution center – all conveniently located within a short distance of one another.

Since the development of this project started early 2020, most of our sourcing, reviewing just generally chatting with people, has been done over Facetime. We have developed a great relationship with the owners of the Frame factory despite never having met in real life and we get regular video updates as part of this setup. We do of course look forward to a post-COVID world where we can travel to meet our appreciated partners face to face.

The process and way of working

The usual patchwork that traditional frames consist of was something we were not keen on having in our products. In light of this, we have worked tirelessly along with the factory to make sure that all components are locally sourced in Estonia.

The wood used for the frames is either oak or pine, grown in the EU, and it is all FSC-certified. The front shield is made from recycled glass and the backboard is made from recycled chipboard. No harmful chemicals or colours are used in the frame-making process.

Finally, once the frames are crafted and ready to be shipped out, they are packaged in hand-folded recycled craft paper using no plastic whatsoever. They then take a short 40-min train ride to be united with the posters at the Estonian Poster factory before being dispatched to its new owners from the neighbouring distribution centre.

About the owners

The factory has been in business for almost 30 years and the owners share the same environmental philosophy as we swear by. They, along with all our suppliers, have signed our Code of Conduct and they even go beyond this when it comes to continuous improvements done each year to further improve their environmental standards.

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