In the alleys, you can see canopies of clotheslines where saris in every hue of the rainbow dry in the sun. What better place to build a crayon factory than amid this abundance of colours?

How we found it

The use of disposable plastics pollutes oceans and rivers and causes untold damage to the environment. So when business contacts in India told us there was a factory in New Dehli making crayons using no plastics whatsoever in the products, we decided we had to get to know them.

The process and way of working

The Crayon Factory makes everything in-house. They place waxes and pigments into large melting drums. They pour the mix into high-precision moulds and cool it with water. That’s how the Crayon Factory makes crayons that are fun to use and friendly to the environment.

About the owner

The Crayon Factory has been around since the late 1950s. Two brothers now run the factory that their father once built, striving through never-ending innovation to create an unforgettable art experience for the world’s toughest consumer group—children. Environmental consciousness and ever more precise moulds colours every step in the production process.

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