How we found it

The team behind A Good Company come from different professional backgrounds but share similar experiences from various faceless big-name companies. Long hours, stale-tasting coffee, stiff lounge-area sofas, bland art and large conference tables where the conference call systems rarely work as they should. We knew it all.

We considered three things launching this company: How do we make sure we really understand our global customers? Wouldn’t staff that doesn't work at the headquarters feel like outsiders? What’s the environmental impact of having an office space that no one else can use?

For that reason, we decided that our headquarters should be as flexible as we are. We operate where we prefer, sometimes together at a local coffee shop (we still believe in working collectively), other times from our homes, or sometimes huddled up in someone's summer cottage. We are are a fully distributed team.

The process and way of working

We use Slack, texts and old fashion phone calls to interact internally. We have decided to skip the “let’s wait for 5 minutes she is just around the corner”-delays and instead interact directly when we have to.

Team members get a monthly coffee shop allowance, if they prefer that environment to a traditional co-working space. And twice a year we work together on an off-site for at least four days. In short, we are living our dream.

About the owners

Privately owned, no external capital from short-sighted venture capitalists or banks.

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