What’s in it for me and the planet?

What’s in it for me and the planet?

23 Feb 2022

The benefits of Agood Club

Joining Agood Club means you are part of a global movement of like-minded people. And by just being you and consuming consciously, you will be planting a tree every month.

Some other perks for you:

  • Free climate compensated shipping on every order
  • 1 tree planted per month from us to you
  • VIP support from our happiness team
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to test new products
  • Voting on new designs
  • Opportunity to attend our club events
  • Special offers/discounts for members
  • Buy new products and get access before anyone else

What benefits does our earth get:

In short, loads of trees.

Loads of Trees

Why are trees important you may ask?

As you may know, we are a Swedish brand, meaning we have grown up around forests our whole life. Living in Stockholm we are surrounded by trees, 60% of the land cover is nature. Surrounding yourself in nature has a multitude of benefits, reducing stress, helps with mental health and much more. This is also a reason to why we want to save the forests and help them grow. By you joining Agood Club we can make an impact and save the nature around us.

However trees are than that, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and serve as a natural reservoir for excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As such, our forests are vital in the effort to combat global warming. They also help purify our water, and help mitigate natural hazards such as floods.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an estimated 7.3 million hectares of forest are lost to deforestation each year. That’s one and a half hectare of forest disappearing from the earth, every single second.

That’s why being a part of Agood Club can make an impact, creating our own Agood Forest.

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