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Explore TRIWA's Ocean Plastic Watches - an eco-friendly marvels blending style and sustainability. Crafted from recycled ocean plastic. Join the movement, as both the case and strap contribute to #tide's mission, offering you a fashion-forward choice that embraces a greener lifestyle. Redefine your time and embrace the essence of TRIWA.
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Eco-Friendly Accessories: Meet TRIWA's Ocean Plastic Watch

TRIWA's Ocean Plastic Watch is a pioneer in timepieces crafted from recycled ocean plastic. This eco-conscious watch, designed with environmental responsibility in mind, features a minimalist aesthetic with a clean dial and various color options to match individual styles. Both the case and strap are crafted entirely from recycled ocean plastic, supporting #tide's efforts to improve oceans. With a Japanese quartz movement ensuring precision and reliability, along with water-resistant features up to 10 ATM. Make a deliberate choice to reduce environmental impact with a watch that tells time but also tells a story of sustainability.

Ocean-bound plastic (OBP): Green solution to plastic pollution

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) emerges as a potent solution for plastic pollution. Comprising recycled or upcycled materials sourced from abandoned plastic waste, OBP prevents further plastic influx into the ocean. TRIWA, leading the way in using ocean-bound plastics for watches, takes a stand against the plastic dilemma, contributing to finding solutions for plastic pollution. Explore responsible accessory choices as we drive a positive shift in the industry.

Time for Change: TRIWA's Ocean Plastic Watch

Embark on a journey of change with TRIWA's Ocean Plastic Watch, a convergence of style and environmental responsibility. This pioneering timepiece, crafted from Recycled Ocean Plastic, goes beyond traditional watches. With a minimalist design, a clean dial, and a spectrum of color options, the watch stands as a beacon of eco-conscious elegance.

We at agood company have forged a meaningful partnership with charity: water, an organization dedicated to addressing the water crisis since 2006. Without access to clean water, children can’t go to school, adults can’t go to work, and people regularly get sick. Expanding our product range with brands we love also broadens the possibilities for supporting water initiatives. With every product sold we donate fresh water to people in need, take a look at other products supporting charity:water here.