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Explore a world where time meets purpose with TRIWA's transformative watches. From pioneering designs challenging the industry norm to crafting watches with stories that transcend aesthetics, TRIWA is a symbol of change in the watchmaking world. Join the good fight – redefine your time with TRIWA.
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TRIWA: Transforming Time with Purposeful Watches

In 2007, four visionary friends came together to challenge the traditional notion of watches as mere status symbols. This marked the birth of TRIWA, an acronym representing their mission – Transforming the Industry of Watches. With a commitment to making a meaningful impact, TRIWA sought to redefine the symbolic value of watches and create modern statements that transcend style, trends, and status.

Breaking away from conventional norms, TRIWA designs watches with stories that go beyond aesthetics. While acknowledging that watches alone won't save the world, TRIWA sees itself as a catalyst for change in an industry that demands transformation. As norm challengers and innovators, they believe it's time for change.

Watches made from ocean-bound plastic - Time for Oceans

Ocean-bound plastic (OBP) is recycled or upcycled material intercepted from abandoned plastic waste, preventing it from reaching the ocean. At TRIWA, known for pioneering OBP watches, they recognize the dilemma of plastic's utility. Their commitment to sustainability leads them to offer alternatives, and by using ocean-bound plastic, they actively contribute to finding solutions for plastic pollution. Choosing TRIWA's ocean-bound products is a proactive step in fostering a positive shift in the industry, providing consumers with a responsible choice in accessories.

Watches made from humanium metal - Time for Peace

In conflict zones illegal firearms are confiscated, melted down, and transformed into TRIWA x Humanium Metal watches. For every watch sold, 15% goes to supporting victims of armed violence. Choose their iconic watch made from humanium metal, a symbol of change crafted from recycled illegal weapons. Make a statement against gun violence while wearing your values on your wrist. Joining this journey towards peace.

Watches made from fossil-free steel - SSAB

SSAB, born from the merger of Fagersta Bruk and Domnarvets Jernverk in 1978, has evolved into a sustainability leader in the steel industry. Teaming up with TRIWA, they proudly present the world's first watch crafted from fossil-free steel, sourced from SSAB Oxelösund in Sweden. The Slate option boasts an Italian leather strap and a Japanese automatic movement, while the Indigo variant features a recycled ocean plastic strap and a Japanese quartz movement. This collaboration marks a significant stride in sustainable steel production.

agood company - Helping Bring Clean Water To Millions

We have forged a meaningful partnership with charity: water, an organization dedicated to addressing the water crisis since 2006. Without access to clean water, children can’t go to school, adults can’t go to work, and people regularly get sick. Expanding our product range with brands we love also broadens the possibilities for supporting water initiatives. With every product sold we donate fresh water to people in need, take a look at other products supporting charity:water here.