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Support this year's children's and sports association 2024 (appointed by Smålands FF) and buy stylish, innovative, plant-based mobile cases. Manufactured in collaboration and specially for IK Tord with roots in sustainability and community support, each case offers superior impact protection, and also promotes values of inclusion and sustainability. Once purple, always purple!
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agood company ◣ IK Tord

IK Tord is a football club in Öster in Jönköping - from Vindbron in central Jönköping in the west to Vättersnäs in the east. The home ground is Rosenlunds IP where the club has its office. The association currently has just over 500 members and consists of an A-team on the men's side, as well as activities for girls between 5-10 years and for boys between 5-13 years and a junior team with players 16-18 years. The girls' activities are growing and the goal is to have teams for both girls and boys of all ages on the youth side in a few years. Right now, about 350 players are active in the club from the football school up to the senior team. There are about 100 leaders and officials in the various parts of the club's activities.

Our biodegradable phone cases support girls' education worldwide

Everyone deserves a right to education. At this moment, more than 130 million girls are out of education. That’s 130 million keen minds brimming with ambition, talent, and ideas. They have to stay home and watch while their brothers go to school and pursue their dreams.

With this level of inequality happening in the world, how can we truly say we’re building a better future for everyone?

That’s why we’re working with the Malala Fund to support getting young girls the education they deserve. A portion of the sale from each phone case will go straight to the Malala Fund’s work. Our goal is to fund 3 years of education for 10,000 girls.

Plant-based phone cases with superior drop protection

Our phone cases provide excellent drop protection, and they are specifically designed as protective phone cases. Plus, they are made from plants. Our mobile phone case is made from the waste of linseed plants grown by a local farmer in Sweden. We can guarantee that it’s 100% organic and plant-based because we have overseen every single step of the production.

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