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Discover our eco-friendly natural grass pens and pencils, crafted from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic for comfortable, long-lasting writing. Our unique triangular grip ensures comfort during extended use and prevents rolling, all while utilizing an innovative, resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.
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Pens and Pencils Made From Natural Grass

Introducing your reliable companions for endless creative possibilities – our eco-friendly pens and pencils redefine affordability and sustainability. Crafted from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic, these writing instruments are designed for long-term use, with convenient options for easy refills. Our unwavering commitment to the environment drove the creation of these writing tools, addressing the adverse impact of conventional low-cost pens and pencils on our planet.

Designed For Creativity.

Unlike the majority of inexpensive pens and pencils available today, our pens and pencils prioritize eco-friendliness. After incorporating valuable user feedback, we developed a triangular grip for both, ensuring comfortable writing over extended periods and preventing them from rolling away when not in use. Led by a former philosopher monk turned farmer and designer, The natural grass pens and pencils factory employs an innovative and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.

Reliable Companions for Eco-Conscious Writers.

Whether it's jotting down notes or sketching out ideas, the agood company natural grass pens and pencils are your reliable companions. The perfect grip and easy refills make them essential for all your writing needs. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let these writing tools be the extension of your eco-conscious endeavors. Write, scribble, doodle, sketch, draw, annotate – with our pens and pencils, leave no idea unexpressed, and rest assured, the environment will thank you for it.

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