Diemonde: Sustainable Fashion Production

Diemonde: Sustainable Fashion Production

21 Nov 2023

Diemonde, a Scandinavian luxury brand, stands at the forefront of a revolution, reshaping the global perception of Nordic aesthetics and opulence. Marrying global street culture with the elegance of Scandinavia, Diemonde breathes new life into the nation's fashion ethos. At the core of Diemonde's identity lies an unwavering commitment to responsible fashion, a pledge etched into the very fabric of its Swedish-crafted garments. With a profound dedication to integrity, sustainability, community empowerment, and radical transparency, the brand challenges the notion that beauty alone defines fashion.

Diemonde fashion

Every Diemonde creation is a testament to this ethos, crafted within Sweden's Unitex, a micro factory born in 2018 in direct response to the fast fashion industry's outdated norms. Rejecting overproduction and prioritizing reduced carbon emissions, community empowerment, and transparency, this innovative approach reverberates through every garment. Diemonde's unique fusion harmonizes divergent worlds - melding global streetwear cultural influences with the quintessence of Scandinavian aesthetics. Each piece serves as a visual narrative, a profound commentary on Scandinavia's rich heritage, culture, and style, encapsulated within wearable artistry that defies conventional fashion boundaries. This blog unravels the tapestry of Diemonde's journey, exploring its ethos, pioneering spirit, sustainable practices, and the artistic finesse that redefines the very essence of luxury fashion.

The Founding Story of Diemonde

In the fashion industry, Angelo Da Silveira stands as a beacon of innovation and defiance, pioneering a new era for young Scandinavian creatives with a cross-cultural heritage. His journey into the realm of fashion was a testament to unyielding passion and an unrelenting pursuit of artistic expression. Undeterred by gatekeepers and traditional norms, Da Silveira charted his path, drawing from an unconventional "learning by doing" ethos ingrained within the streets. His initiation into the artistry of fashion was a testament to resilience, shaped by the pulse of global street culture and the subtleties of Scandinavian aesthetics.

Diemonde's genesis lies in this convergence, a fusion where global street culture seamlessly intertwines with the grace of Scandinavian beauty. This harmonious marriage propelled the brand to redefine the country's sartorial identity, infusing it with the vibrancy and dynamism of a new generation. From the heart of Stockholm, the designs emerged as a reflection of Da Silveira's vision. But it was in Sweden's craftsmanship that these visions metamorphosed into reality. The brand's ethos echoed through each stitch and seam, a visual commentary encapsulating Scandinavian heritage, culture, and style translated into wearable artistry that transcends boundaries. Designed in the soul of Stockholm, crafted in the sanctity of Sweden, Diemonde emerged as a narrative, as an ode to defiance, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of redefining sustainable streetwear narrative. Da Silveira's pioneering spirit birthed a brand that doesn't just create garments, it crafts stories woven from the fabric of culture, heritage, and a resolute vision for the future.

The Process and Way of Working

At Diemonde, the conviction resonates deep within the belief that fashion's allure must intertwine with responsibility. Every garment woven within Sweden embodies this ethos, crafted with uncompromising integrity and a dedication to redefining the fashion industry's landscape. Their micro factory, Unitex, was established in 2018, as a response to the outdated practices in the fast fashion industry. Their unique approach harmonises different worlds, melding global streetwear culture references with Scandinavian aesthetics. It serves as a visual commentary on Scandinavian heritage, culture, and style, manifested in wearable garments that redefine the boundaries of fashion.

Established in 2018, Unitex emerged as an antidote to the antiquated norms prevalent in the fashion industry. What began as a micro factory has swiftly evolved into a cornerstone of Diemonde's production, heralding a new era of sustainable, high-quality fashion.

Circular Business Model for Sustainable Innovation

Unitex embraces a circular business model, an ethos that stands tall against waste and inefficiency, embracing resource efficiency and climate-smart practices. This model envisions a future where garments increase their use by 75% while simultaneously reducing carbon, waste, and water footprints by 20-30%. As the industry marches towards 2030, Unitex aims to claim 23% of the global fashion market, presenting a monumental $700 billion opportunity.

Four Pillars of Reform

  1. Local Production and Small Batch Manufacturing: At Unitex, fashion brands find a resource-efficient value chain conducive to local production. The focus here is on impeccable craftsmanship and flexibility, countering the prevalent issue of overproduction.
  2. Repair and Alteration: This meticulous process involves sorting, repairing, washing, and listing garments for resale, extending the value and lifecycle of each product processed, minimizing waste.
  3. Recycling: Garments deemed beyond repair for direct resale undergo transformation at their secondhand and recycling partner in Sweden. They're reconstructed into new raw materials and fabrics, ensuring a sustainable second life.
  4. Product ID: Each item processed at Unitex receives a unique NFC tag linked to a mobile-responsive web application. This innovation is designed to record crucial product-related information, facilitating its journey through subsequent life stages.

Unitex's pioneering approach signifies a paradigm shift, a move towards a streetwear fashion landscape where responsibility intertwines with elegance. Diemonde's commitment to innovation echoes through Unitex, setting a precedent for a future where fashion isn't just a trend but a responsible legacy.

Nylon Trench Jacket - Made from 100% Recycled Polyester, Orange - By Diemonde
Linen Overshirt Jacket, Beige - By Diemonde
Men's Linen Jacket, Black - By Diemonde

About the Owner

Angelo da Silveira, the visionary mind behind Diemonde, embodies a commitment to fashion as a force for positive change. As a Togolese-Swedish designer rooted in Stockholm, he sees fashion as a platform to reshape perceptions and carve a space for underrepresented voices in an industry where inclusion often falls short. Driven by a desire to widen fashion's horizon, da Silveira aims to offer an interracial perspective, bridging the gap for those typically excluded. His own journey, starting as a political refugee in Sweden in 1997, fuels his dedication to paving a smoother path for "third culture" and "third generation" individuals shaping tomorrow's world.

Despite facing initial obstacles, da Silveira persisted, leveraging his passion, vision, and purpose to establish Diemonde in 2015, a brand that blends streetwear sensibilities with tailored finesse. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, fueled by internet resources and an insatiable appetite for learning, equipped him to challenge established norms. Diemonde embodies not just fashion but a mindset, a 'street meets tailoring' ethos that symbolizes resilience, creativity, and a progressive outlook. Da Silveira's brand isn't merely shaping trends, it's pioneering diversity and social responsibility in Stockholm, representing a rare amalgamation of cultures and perspectives.

Conclusion: Essence of Style and Responsable Craftsmanship

In the intricate tapestry of fashion, Diemonde stands as a luminary, reshaping the very essence of style. Each stitch, each design reflects a commitment beyond aesthetics, a dedication to responsible craftsmanship and a vision for a more sustainable future. From classic, minimalist designs to avant-garde twists, our collaboration caters to the diverse tastes of every fashion aficionado.

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